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Labor Reform

- Replaces the country's brutal competition, OECD Working time 1 ranked Cedar Korea 
- We will improve the profit polarization between source ∙ ∙ Contractors Company for SMEs prevent unfair trading 
- Promoting 'knife work law', etc., will make socialism Zero 30 hours (6 hours per day), the labor 


Agriculture as our life insurance

- Reject of the FTA and keep alive Korea's agricultural food sovereignty 
- Ensure the basic income of the farmers and small farmers
- Support policies to promote gwichon ARGUENON outside the city center of attention 
- Eco-friendly local food lunch: we will support the preschool and school gardens urban agriculture activities. 


Economic Justice

The Australian Greens support an economy that sustains the needs of people and nature, now and for future generations. Economic activity should support, rather than deplete the social and natural capital of our world - that is, the natural environment on which we all depend, and the social relationships that make people happy and healthy. These principles apply at all levels of economic activity – local, regional, national and global.


Smart Green Innovation

The Green Party will build a smarter greener economy that benefits every New Zealander. 


World Economic Forum East Asia in Jakarta, news reports

Dear all,

These are coverage in English newspaper on our activity during World Economic Forum East Asia in Jakarta


Yuyun Harmono


NGOs: Economic Neo-Liberalism Hurts the People

Fidelis E. Satriastanti | June 15, 2011


Time for a new approach

New Zealand MP Kennedy Graham says we need to overhaul our political analysis to help us meet the challenges of the 21st century.
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