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Greens Japan Constitution

Our Vision



We are now aware that we committed a big mistake. We had praised, craved, and enjoyed energy dependent life style necessitating petroleum and nuclear resources; We had ignored precious gifts from the Sun and the Earth; Only things with currency value had given our respects. This is wrong.

Lands, water, oceans, air, and ecosystems all being destroyed.

Most of us, you may say "the 99%," feel insecure where the 1% of people control world's wealth.

The disaster following March 11, 2011, earthquakes is a wakeup call for us. It reveals that our growth-oriented social system has been fallen apart for so long including politics, governments, welfare systems, medical care, and educational institutions. Why are they like that?

It's our problem that we delegated our decision making power to so-called specialists, bureaucrats, and non-representing politicians way too long.

Put that growth-oriented economy behind; move onto circulating, life-conscious, eco-friendly economy.

Put that you-do-it-for-me mindset behind; move onto grassroots democracy where citizens all discuss, act, and make decisions.

Put that nuclear energy behind; move onto sustainable, ecological, just, fair, and diverse country called Japan who actively contribute to the peaceful globe.

No thanks nuclear; we use locally-generated clean renewable energy

It's our responsibility to protect our environment radiation-free for the next generations. Nuclear electricity is simply incompatible. Turn off all nuclear generators and decommission them, immediately.

It's also our responsibility to be clean out of petroleum addiction. Japan is *not* resource-poor country: Plenty of diverse and abundant energy sources like solar, wind, hydro, and forestry, await us to be developed. These sources are intrinsically local-oriented, that is, they are harvested and utilized within each region. With drastic energy saving measures already within our sight, we will shift into ecological lifestyle of 100% renewable energy.

Human lives within cycles of nature

Break ourselves free from modern industrial mentality where mother nature is an object to conquer and control. Stop runaway human desire of material consumption and selfish convenience that only waste limited resources. Cut back production of and reliance to those systems that emit large amount of greenhouse gases like automobiles.

Large public works must be compatible with ecosystems and bio-diversity; preserve and restore natural landscape. Any other conquer-the-nature style works are scrapped.

We adopt precautionary principle; technologies may be given a go-ahead only if it's proven safe to human heath and ecosystems.

Slow, Small, Simple lifestyle leads happiness

Slow down, take time. We finally find wealth and happiness that don't carry price nor be reflected into GDP figures. Our economy must be based on sharing, cooperation, and consolidation among all citizens, not on efficiency and maximum profits much like survival of the fittest.

Work less, consume less, but lead lives with dignity. Reduce work hours to increase personal hours while work sharing eases job shortage.

Encourage funding and job creation in sectors like renewable energy, food production, welfare and medicine, and education. Goods and services circulate within local societies, local economies assume precedence. Agriculture can recoup traditional principle, the earth is life.

Rampant international trading must be put under control. Protect people from unstable global economy.

Eradicate financial disparity and poverty

Every person shall be able to find his or her place in the society. Citizens and their community lend helping hands to young or underprivileged people along with national and local government supports. There's no place for self reliance.

We are for basic income systems, where everybody enjoys right to live, leads decent lives, as well as medicine and child care supports. Governments provide residence and education.

Gender equality

Building harmonious society needs many components and womens rights are the one. We must free ourselves from gender-centric absolutism. In the gender-equal society, everyone is granted their own style.

Children, our future

Regardless of their parents' social status or place of birth, they have rights to care, medicine, education, and paths to adult citizens. Larger family, not limited to blood families but includes nursery, school, and local community nurture children.  Their rights to life and expression are stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Social diversity

Any society needs a wide range of people to be vibrant and be creative. There's no place for discrimination or exclusion against women, handicapped, sexual minorities, nationality, or indigenous people.

We recognize the right step toward inclusive, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural society where everyone is comfortable with his/her own backgrounds, is to institute a system of participation and self-determination by any minority groups.

Political system: self-determination and deliberation

Representation isn't the only means of political voice. Citizens in a democratic state are supposed to give opinions, deliberate, act, and participate into decision making.

Decision making must be made as close to the affected people as possible: that requires non-centric/local government systems.

Assure disclosure; citizens check all governmental activities; introduce referendums to critical matters.

Build secure and non-violent north-east Asia; contribute peaceful and non-discriminatory world

Eradicate poverty, repression, violence, discrimination, armed conflict, or war from our society.

Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan has to be in place and in effect. We declare, on the spirit of the Article, that Japan seeks diplomatic and political resolution to armed conflict, human-rights abuse, poverty, or discrimination while citizens and communities, along with national government, actively build international trust, royalty, and friendship.

We will engage in nuclear-free region for North-East Asia, as well as commonwealth management of energy and other resources.  We advance our recognition about our wrongdoing before and during the World War II; we must come clean if we want secure and peaceful relations in this region.

We oppose United States military bases in Okinawa and the rest of Japan. We pursue multilateral arms reduction, cultivate peaceful relationships with countries involved, and timely abolishment of Japan-US Security Treaty meaning military alliance.