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Mongolian Green Party Constitution & Rules



The name of this organization shall be the Mongolian Green Party. The name can be abbreviated as MGP. Mongolian Green Party is the political organization that implementing the policies and activities directed for the improvement and development of the society and its eco-system complied with Constitution of Mongolia and the principles of sustainable development to live in healthy and safe environment.

The MGP is a legal entity and has its own symbol, flag, stamp and printed blank.

The symbol of MGP reflects primordial connection between human and nature. It is expressed through evergreen leaf floating on white background symbolizing mother’s breast milk. The MGP’s flag has the ratio of 2:1 and horizontal shape. The flag is consisted of three parts. The first part is the green right angle in ratio of 1:2, the middle part where the symbol of MGP is reflected with ratio of 1:1 and the last part is same as the first part. On the upper side of the symbol on the flag the word “MONGOLIAN” is written in manuscripts and below the word “GREEN PARTY” is written in manuscripts.


1.1. The MGP shall carry out its activities under the Constitution of Mongolia and all other laws of Mongolia.

1.2. The objective of the MGP is to promote and implement its goals, aims and policies through appropriate means.

1.3. The MGP will actively seek affiliation with any internal or external, state and non-governmental organizations respecting mutual interest and equal rights for nations interest.



2.1. Membership

2.1.1. Any Mongolian citizen, aged 18 years old and above who read and accepted the MGP’s platform, requested to enroll the party on a voluntary basis, can be registered and join the party as a member.

2.1.2. The member has to have a valid party identity card and acknowledged registration in the local branch of the party in its own residential area.

2.1.3. Resignation from membership must be informed to the party’s branch in local residential area in written form by member itself and must withdraw its name from registration list.

2.2. The rights of the member

2.2.1. To be nominated in all stages of the party’s administration and be elected, to nominate, and vote.

2.2.2. To get information regarding party’s activities, directly communicate with the party’s all stages of administration, express its opinion freely and reflect in party’s policy.

2.2.3. To donate funds to the party in frame of law.

2.2.4. To resign from membership and reenroll to the party as a member.

2.2.5. To demand the party’s financial report.


2.3. Obligations and Responsibilities

2.3.1. To pay the membership tax on time in order to strengthen the party’s fund.

2.3.2. To participate actively in party’s daily activities, comply with the party’s resolution and make effort to expand supporter and members’ frame of the party.

2.3.3. To execute given task from the party on time and give official report.

2.3.4. Fielding and electing, to support by any appropriate means the candidates from the party in federal elections.

2.3.5. To participate actively in fund-raising activities of the party.

2.3.6. To lead and enhance the effectiveness of the global green movement in creating a green society by providing an evolving social and political structure that embraces and supports green values.

2.3.7. To give a notice to the Administration of MGP to exclude the member who violated party’s rules and ignored the warnings given from the party.

2.4. Supporters

2.4.1. Supporter of MGP is a citizen of Mongolia or any legal entity who recognize the policy and resolution of the party willingly and supports by any appropriate means.

2.4.2. Everybody who participates actively in activities of protecting environment, restoration  and decreasing environmental pollution can be a supporter.

2.4.3. A Mongolian citizen who voted for the MGP in all stages of elections is a supporter.

2.4.4. A supporter can become a member of a MGP and engage with rights and obligations of the party.

2.4.5. The party shall cooperate with international organizations, private bodies and funds that support the MGP’s platform and activities.



3.1. Structure and composition of the party

3.1.1. The MGP will be organized by the administration and territory units.

3.1.2. The administrative organization of the party will have the structure as follow:

  • The Congress
  • Regulation and Ethical Committee /abbreviated as REC /
  • The Assembly
  • MGP Chairman
  • Administrative Board
  • Secretary-General \lead the party’s Administrative Board meeting\
  • The Central Committee
  • The Province and District Committee
  • Branch Offices of MGP

3.2. MGP Congress

3.2.1. The supreme administrative body of the party is the MGP’s Congress. The Congress held once in four years.

3.2.2. The Congressmen vote for Congress Chairman

3.2.3. The supreme authority of the Congress:

  • To discuss, adopt and amend the constitution and rules of the party,
  • Elect the MGP’s Chairman,
  • To appoint and amend MGP’s Assembly  
  • To appoint MGP’s Regulation and Ethical Committee and approve it’s rules,
  • To make a resolution for affiliation with political parties in National Parliamentary and Presidential Elections
  • Amend\change the party’s symbol
  • Amend\change the party’s name,
  • Elaborate the concept and strategy of participating in State and National Elections
  • Resolve the issue of coalition with other political party or termination the existence of MGP.

3.2.4. The Congress can transfer its authority of elaborating the program participating in National Parliamentary and Presidential elections, set up affiliation with other political parties to the MGP Assembly


3.3. MGP Assembly

3.3.1.  Authority\responsibility of MGP Assembly:

  • To execute and implement the resolutions of the MGP’s Congress,
  • To make a strategic plan implementing the policy and resolution of the Congress,
  • To elaborate the program participating in National Parliamentary and Presidential elections, set up affiliation with other political parties
  • Nominate the MGP Administration Board
  • To suspend from the duty the MGP Secretary-General,
  • Monitor and evaluate the Administration Board and MGP Chairman reports.
  • To fix\amend\change the tax payable to the MGP  
  • To renew, discharge the MGP’s Assembly member  

3.3.2. The MGP Assembly will be held once in a month. The resolutions made by the Assembly will be carried forward by subordinate departments of the party.

3.3.3. The Special MGP Congress can be called by the decision of majority of the party’s MGP Assembly members.

3.3.4. The MGP Assembly is consisted of 9 members. MGP Assembly members will select the Assembly Chairman

3.3.5. A member of the party which was elected to the government or state ruling organizations must be the member of MGP’s Assembly.

3.3.6. The internal activities of the MGP’s Assembly will be managed by the decisions approved by the MGP’s Assembly.

3.3.7. MGP’s Assembly can call for MGP Congress only for issue on affiliation with other political parties for the election National Parliamentary or Presidential elections.

3.3.8. The MGP’s Assembly will be responsible and provide with the leadership the MGP Central Committee members.

3.3.9. Once a year the MGP’s Assembly member must submit the highest level of fund permitted by law for individual citizen to political party within one month after the election to the MGP’s Assembly.


3.4.  MGP Regulation and Ethical Committee

3.4.1. The authority\responsibility of MGP Regulation and Ethical Committee /REC/:

  • To monitor the implementation of the party’s rules and platform,
  • To make a reconciliation on the issue regarding the ethics of the party’s Administration board and members.
  • To insure the party’s activities held in the frame of rules,
  • To give final resolution in any debate within the MGP.   

3.4.2. The Rule and Ethical Committee of the Party will be consisted of three members and the members will be selected by the MGP Congress. The chairman and members of the REC will not be appointed in MGP’s Assembly and Administration Board. The rule of the MGP REC will be approved by the MGP Congress.

3.4.3. The REC can nominate or appoint agency and delegates in provinces.

3.4.4. The REC will report its work to only MGP Congress.

3.5. MGP Administration Board

3.4.1. The MGP Administration Board will be consisted of five members. Up to 50 percent of the administration can be the members of MGP Assembly.

3.5.2. The authority\responsibility of MGP Administration Board:

  • to carry out the resolution of the MGP Assembly,
  • to conduct the party’s daily activities,
  • to control and support the tasks’ implementation of the party’s branches of the center, provinces and districts,
  • to strengthen the potential of the party’s finance and human resource,
  • to consolidate the party’s financial power,
  • to organize the members of the party in electoral activity and participation,
  • to support the party’s organizations in rural areas,
  • to hold a meeting of the party’s special conference in according to the resolution of administration’s majority.

3.5.3. The meeting of MGP Administration Board will be led by the Secretary-General of the party.

3.5.4. The deputy Chairman of the MGP Administration Board meeting will be selected by the MGP Administration Board and the deputy will perform the Secretary-General’s task if it is necessary.

3.6. MGP Chairman

3.6.1. MGP shall have one Chairman.

3.6.2. The Chairman of the party will be selected by the MGP Congress.

3.6.3. The Chairman must be the member of the MGP Assembly and Administration Board.

3.6.4. The MGP Chairman will nominate the MGP Secretary-General and member of MGP Administration Board and present to MGP Assembly for discussion and approval

3.6.5. The Chairman will be the bearer of MGP Certificate and a Stamp and held responsible.

3.6.6. Authority\responsibility of The MGP Chairman:

  • To implement the resolutions of the MGP Administrative Board Meeting
  • Sign and validate the sending documents,
  • To state the MGP’s concept, policy and resolutions to the press and public,
  • To communicate and build a favorable relationship with local state and non-governmental organizations,
  • To communicate and build a favorable relationship with the local political parties and movements,
  • To support and provide the MGP with leadership for its participation in elections
  • To communicate and build  favorable relationship with international green parties and other parties supporting Green Value
  • To communication and buils favorable relationships with international state and non-governmental organizations and funds
  • Held responsible for increasing party’s funding
  • To report his/her duties to monthly MGP Assembly .

3.6.7. Once a year the MGP Chairman must submit the highest level of fund permitted by law for corporate to political party within one month after the election to the MGP Chairman position.

3.7. MGP Secretary-General

3.7.1. The Secretary-General of the party can be the member of MGP Assembly.

3.7.2. The MGP Secretary-General must to be the member of MGP Administration Board.

  • The Secretary-General of the party will lead the MGP Administration Board Meeting and manage the party’s daily works and he/she will have the authority and held responsible for the following tasks:
  • To provide the party’s committee in provinces and capital with the professional leadership
  • To set up and consolidations of the party’s branches and agencies
  • To control the tax payment.
  • First signature to validate the financial statements of MGP
  • To enroll the MGP Finance for audit once a year and announce to the public and MGP members.
  • To broaden the membership and supporters
  • Report its daily activities to the monthly MGP Assembly
  • If it is necessary act on behalf of MGP Chairman

3.7.4   To give leadership assistance to MGP Administrative Board



4.1. Problems and issues will be openly discussed according to the democratic principles, resolved by the suggestion of majority under laws and the suggestion from minority will be respected.

4.2. The party’s all phases of organizations will be set up members-centered policies and will be conducted accordingly.

4.3. The attitude to support young generation and female members in the party’s and state election will be adhered.

4.4. The elder members of the party will be involved in the party’s activities and their experiences will be highly appreciated.

4.5. The non-governmental organization intended to support the party’s policy and activities can be set up under the MGP party.  



5.1. Parties property can include movable and immovable assets, real estate.

5.2. The party’s property will be consisted of the following things:

5.2.1. The member’s tax

5.2.2. The funds and donations from the member, supporter and legal entity

5.2.3. The funds support from the Government

5.2.4. The donations and souvenirs with the party’s symbol and items owned by the party

5.2.5. The income from the party’s press, advertisement and promotion

5.2.6. The income from selling or renting the party’s property

5.2.7. The interest from savings of the party’s financial reserve

5.3. The properties of the party will be owned by the appropriate related organization of the party and they will have the right to allocate expenses subject to given authority by MGP.

5.4. The members MGP Assembly and Administrative Board are held responsible for fund-raising and manage finance related issues.

5.5. Financial consultant or advisor to support the policy and activities of the party can be nominated under party.

5.6. The party will support to organize “Green Fund” and “Green Bank” aiming to support the projects of Green Society and enhancing Green Value

5.7. The party will have its own finance manager and whose signature will be the the second signature to validate the MGP financial statement


6.1 To commit ourselves, and encourage everyone, to promote enhanced and socially engaged caring and compassionate values through research, dialogue, and example, as well as through increasing awareness of our own capacities to be caring and compassionate for others, ourselves, and life's rich diversity.