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Mongolian Green Party Introduction


Ecological Oriented Sustainable Social and Economical Development


The Mongolian Green Party (MGP) is a citizen centered political institution, which recognizes the interrelations of the progress of the country and prosperous and peaceful living of its people with the wellbeing of nature and healthy environment, and therefore engages for building development policies aiming at establishing balanced relationship between human and nature.

Political Program

The political program of MGP is defined by viewing that development, which is symbiotic and non-destructive to nature and environment is the basis for existence of a country and for quality of life of its citizens. The most precious wealth of Mongolians is the natural heritage and flora and fauna with natural equilibrium that have been kept pristine from generations to generations until now.

MGP firmly views, that the utmost responsibility of the state in front of present and future generations is to prioritize the principle of environmental friendliness in all spheres of policy making, and to be able to make effective use of all means and forces of state to prevent from ecological and environmental damages in surrounding environments.

We, upon review of the current social and political situation in Mongolia, will work towards developing Mongolia with clean lands, clean society and clean state. In doing so we will collaborate with all social progressive, pro-justice forces which support the shift of the country from a party centered political system to a citizen centered political system and fight with oligarchic groups – which actions have been taking the country deep down in moral, governance, ecological and environmental crisis, to remove them from power and to call to account. Any high profit and income from natural resource use are not justifiable if they have caused damages to and pollution of the environment. In this context, MGP shall hold a position, whereby people and today’s and future citizens of this country following the constitution of Mongolia will be empowered to become the benefit of natural resources, emphasizing that those entities, that have caused damages to environment and people will be made fully accountable for their actions.

Being a Mongolian political party for building a humanistic society with citizens-driven democracy based upon green ideology, MGP supports the global green movement as member of Global Greens and follows the Charter of Global Greens. In order to enforce its program, the MGP will work within the strategic guidelines, such as:

• Economic development:

o Ensure human development based on real capacities of biological and natural resources of Mongolia,

o Prioritize knowledge intensive and ecological production,

o Set incentives for sustainable development ensuring economic profits through being ecological and environmentally friendly,

o Develop Mongolia as a country of beautiful nature and protected natural reservoirs, as a country of harmonious relationship between human and nature.

• Socio-political development:

o Be a unified, open country with engaged and constructive citizens,

o Maintain the centuries old national heritage and tradition, enrich and modernize according to challenges of modern time; capable every single Mongolian to grow and to live healthy and dignified life; and nurture the high ecological sensibility of Mongolian citizens,

o Ensure security of current and future generations and build knowledgeable and open society,

o Pro-actively cooperate with individuals, organizations and political forces which support green ideology and the “Green Growth” program.

Historical path

Mongolian Green Party is one of the first new parties which were established during the democratic move that went across the country since 1990. The establishment of Mongolian Green Party with rights to hold political activities in the territory of Mongolia was officially proclaimed during the meeting held on March 9, 1990. As a follow up, on May 26, 1990 the Supreme Court of Mongolia registered MGP to certify the party’s eligibility.

The first convention took place on November 25, 1990 attended by about 200 representatives. It endorsed the updated constitution and political program and issued The National Ecological Policy Guidelines.

MGP is the first Green Party in Asia, following the Green Parties in Australia and New Zealand in 1976, and since its establishment has done active international relation with German Green party and other green parties.

MGP is also actively involved in elections in Mongolia and could participate for adoption of constitution of Mongolia with main declaration of right of people of Mongolia to live “in healthy and save environment”.

We were also members of the coalition governments of 1990 and 1996 and in 2008, MGP, Civic Movement Party and Mongolian Social Democratic Party joined into a newly established Civic Coalition and ran for Parliamentary Election with a jointly developed “Civic Agenda” which stands open to civic oriented political forces and reformers, supports social change, justice and de-facto democracy, fights against corruptive system and poverty.  D.Enkhbat, former Co-chair in charge of internal affairs of MGP won the election to become a member of State Great Khural hence making MGP the first green party in Asia with holding a seat in parliament.

During the Election Campaign for President of Mongolia in 2009, MGP issued a joint decision with Civic Will Party to support the candidate nominated from Democratic Party (DG) to run for President and mainstreamed one of the key paragraphs into the action agenda of the nominee that defines to be a President for Implementation of Environmentally Friendly Policy. E.Zorigt, former co-chair in charge of external affairs of MGP served to President of Mongolia in a position of advisor on issues of environment and living conditions until 2013.

In 2012 had MGP hard time, about 40 members of MGP leaded by member of parliament Mr. D.Enkhbat and advisor of president of Mongolia E.Zorigt left MGP for joining Civic Will Party for candidate to parliaments election of July of 2012 and changed the name of this party to Civic Will Green Party, but this party’s program is not compatible to Charter of Global Greens and this party is member of Liberal International. Now has this party two seats in parliament and is in Government, which is supporting Uranium mining in Mongolia for producing “Yellow Cake”.

In last election to parliament of 2012 we received 1,36% of votes, accounting for more than 15,000 voices of citizens, and we have officially 2,100 members. This election campaign was led by our Co-chairs Mr. S.Maam and Mr. D.Batbaatar; and our General Secretary Mr. B.Naranbaatar.

After the election MGP held an extraordinary conference on November 3, 2012 and we updated our charter. Now we have again one Chairman and concentrated the ruling power to small meeting, which was elected from conference of party. Now leads our party by Mr. Olzod Boum-Yalagch, who is member of MGP since 1999 and actively involved for international relations of our party and lead the Greens of Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia.

We are collaborates with green parties and movements of Europe and Asia-Pacific, with foreign and international organizations, which work for integrating and implementing green principles. Additionally, the party cooperates with active civic society and non governmental organizations such as for example the Mongolian Green Coalition.