Members of APGF | Asia Pacific Greens

Members of APGF


Full Member Parties:

  1. Australia: Australian Greens
  2. Bangladesh: Green Party of Bangladesh
  3. India: Uttarakhand Parivartan Party (UKPP)
  4. India: India Greens Party
  5. Iraq: Green Party of Iraq 
  6. Japan: Greens Japan
  7. Korea, Republic of: Green Party Korea
  8. Lebanon: Green Party of Lebanon
  9. Mongolia: Mongolian Green Party
  10. Nepal: Nepali Greens (Green Civil Society)
  11. New Zealand: Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
  12. Pakistan: Pakistan Green Party
  13. Taiwan: Green Party Taiwan

Associate Members:

  1. Fiji: Fijian Green Party
  2. Indonesia: Sarekat Hijau (Indonesian Green Union)
  3. Indonesia: Parti Hijau Indonesia
  4. Indonesia: Atjeh Green Party
  5. Jordan: Jordanian Democratic Nature Party
  6. Palestine: Palestinian Green Party
  7. Philippines: Green Party of the Philippines
  8. Solomon Islands: Green Party of Solomon Islands


1. Taiwan Friends of the Global Greens
2. Green Forum India


To apply for APGF membership: 

  1. Read the Constitution of the APGF
  2. Complete the Application form attached below.