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Taiwan nuclear protesters visit Australia

In Taiwan on April 27 more than one hundred NGOs acted in unison and held the second anti-nuclear rally of this year. Anti-nuclear activists came together holding all-night sit-ins, staging mass rallies, and fighting riot police and water cannon on the street. Their immediate goal was to demand that the government halt the construction of the accident-ridden Lungmen nuclear plant. In the long term the goal is to close down the nuclear power industry in Taiwan.


PM of Japan during Fukushima nuclear meltdown: Lessons Learned

Wednesday 27th August / posted by Elizabeth PO’ Adrian Glamorgan


It’s three years since Fukushima blew up and melted down. The prime minister of Japan in those days chose a hard path, a leader’s path, to save a third of his country from further devastation, choosing to fly directly to the disastrous nuclear power plant.


APGF Climate Campaign Videos

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New Zealand Greens' Notice of Motion on Gaza

"Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children. ... I want to make it clear that the precise location of this Jabalia Elementary Girls School had been communicated to the Israeli military authorities 17 times—as recently as last night, just a few hours before the attack. They were aware of the coordinates and exact locations where these people are being sheltered."... This House condemn Israel's action and call for an immediate ceasefire to prevent the loss of further innocent life.

Kennedy Graham's speech on the Government motion on the situation in Gaza

Israel justifies its actions in Gaza in the name of self-defence. The inherent right of self-defence, sanctioned in international law for several centuries now, does not justify what Israel is currently doing in Gaza. Most jurists around the world are describing the Israeli actions as an excessive use of force and a violation of humanitarian law.

New Zealand Greens election campaign webinar

Government in waiting? Why New Zealand needs a smart Green change

Gareth Hughes MP (New Zealand)
Web seminar, 6.30 pm, Wednesday 16 July

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Taiwan Nuclear Risks Considered


Kennedy Graham questions the Prime Minister on Tim Groser, climate change, and international job-seeking

Does he have confidence in the Minister for Climate Change Issues, Tim Groser, to do his climate change job when he is spending so much time and public funds travelling the world promoting his candidacy for a new job as head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)?

Korean Greens vote with sortition democracy

Dear Greens,



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