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May, 2010 Chairman Distinguished delegates Ladies & Gentlemen What next after Copenhagen? It is a pleasure to be speaking at this Forum. It is particularly a pleasure to be attending this Forum in Taiwan. My government has very close relations with the Government of Taiwan and I am very pleased to be here, particularly as the President of Taiwan recently visited Tuvalu. Before getting into the discussion on “what next after Copenhagen”, I want to explain why, in my view, Copenhagen was a... Read more
The Asia Pacific Greens Network Congress took place in Taipei from Friday through Sunday. It brought together members of Green parties and environmental activists from many countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region and also from Europe. I attended the conference on Saturday.  The focus of the day’s talks was climate change, particularly in the light of the failure of the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen last December to achieve a satisfactory outcome. The opening speech was given by Mr Apisai... Read more
Same-sex marriage is not permitted in Taiwan, nor does Taiwan have cohabitation law in place. Homosexual couples are not entitled to the many legal rights heterosexual couples have.  Take medical treatment for example, same-sex couples in principle, are not eligible to sign surgery consent forms or agreements to forfeit rights to live saving aids. The same is true for gift and estate tax, assisted reproduction laws and alike; the rights enjoyed by opposite sex couples do not apply to same-... Read more
The first ever large scale international conference “2nd APGN” is to be held between April 30th and May 2nd at the Tianmu Convention Center. Environmentalists and domestic and foreign NGOs are among the invited participants. “Fair Share” is the main theme of the conference; while stressing equal access to public resources, each individual at the same time, is responsible for living a sustainable lifestyle. Highlight of the conference agenda includes reviewing the post-Copenhagen coping... Read more
Dharamshala: The second Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network was held in Taipei from 30th April - 2nd May 2010.The current APGN members as approved by the panel consist of full members (Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, India and Philippines), Associate members (Nepal, French Polynesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka) and friends of APGN (PNG, Chinese Expatriates, Hong Kong, Indonesia). The panel members adopted in total 16 resolutions on the third day of the congress,... Read more
Here is a list from Chungming's Facebook of where you can see many photos of the event. A list of pic albums of APGN 亞太綠人大會相簿清單 Yen Han Wang 的相片 - 2010 APGN Congress ChenNien 的相片 - APGN2010 Congress Kay Li 的相片 - SANKA & APGN志工 Namrata Goswami 的相片 - Memories, laughter and joys Fu-An Hsieh 的相片 - APGN 2010 in Taiwan Hsu Yen 的相片 - APGN 2010 亞太綠人大會 陳 疑問的相片 - 2010 APGN Andrew Kuo 的相片 - Asia Pacific Greens Network 2010 Pia Lee 的相片 - APGN 2010 亞太綠人大會、Pia Lee 的相片 - APGN 2010... Read more
本報2009年12月22日台北訊,黃慧珊報導 http://e-info.org.tw/node/50443 因各國利益衝突,哥本哈根氣候變遷會議未能產生具約束力之協議,會議結果令人失望,更突顯了政府及財團在氣候議題上的無能。因此,民間非政府組織勢力如何團結監督排碳大國,以及亞洲將成為制衡角色,將是未來國際焦點。而台灣在明年,即將有一個為改善全球未來努力而的機會!綠黨昨(21日)舉行記者會宣布,2010年4月30日至5月2日召開的第二屆亞太綠人大會由台灣取得主辦權,會議將針對亞太地區的環境、政治及社會議題進行討論;尤其將著重在氣候議題上,國際力量的串聯。 「全球綠人聯盟」跨洲跨國 影響力不可小覷 在「全球綠人聯盟 」(Global Greens Network)的架構下,共有歐、美、非及亞太四個地區性綠人聯盟。「亞太綠人大會」(Asia-Pacific Greens Network, APGN)即是由「亞太綠人聯盟」所主辦的國際會議,聯盟成員由太平洋與亞洲各國的綠黨、環境及社會運動團體所組成。 由於台灣綠黨是亞太地區綠人聯盟的創始成員之一,... Read more
Climate change negotiations—cold after the freeze at Copenhagen—have warmed up again. In early April, negotiators met in Bonn, Germany, on the possible agreement that could be signed at the meet scheduled in December 2010 in Mexico. This was followed by a US-convened meet of the Major Economies Forum, better named the major emitters forum, in Washington. Next weekend, the group calling itself basic—China, Brazil, South Africa and India—is meeting in Cape Town to come up with its common position... Read more
〔記者劉力仁/台北報導〕位於南太平洋的島國,因氣候暖化海平面上升國土有淹沒危機,打算舉國移民的吐瓦魯總理葉雷米亞,昨天在全球綠人大會感傷表示:「我們不想離開這塊土地。」希望台灣及國際社會能夠幫助吐瓦魯度過這個難關。   吐瓦魯總理葉雷米亞表示,地球溫度只要上升二度,吐瓦魯的末日就會到來,吐瓦魯現在所面臨的危機,對同屬島國的台灣也具警示作用,呼籲國際社會採取行動,減少溫室氣體排放。   范達娜西娃是國際知名的環境運動跟生態女性主義者,她強調,很多國家為了追求經濟發展,要求少數民族配合遷移作法,這是不對的,以印度來說,經濟成長率九%,數字很驚人,但高達十二億人命運掌握在四、五個有錢人的手中,這是經濟成長的假象。   這項大會超過二十國四百人參加,今天閉幕,預計將通過控制地球溫度上升在一點五度以內,改革選舉保證金制度、廢除死刑、要求高科技產業履行社會責任等決議文,進一步影響各國決策。   http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2010/new/may/2/today-life9.htm Read more
「全民做環保,落實地球日精神!」、「十大無悔措施」、「一人一日減碳一公斤之生活減碳運動」……台灣政府總無視於台灣排碳量有53%來自工業生產、石油 出口量比總交通用油量還高出40%的結構性問題,努力將氣候變遷議題,歸因個人生活。然而何謂真正以民為主的氣候變遷政策,則可由4月下旬於玻利維亞舉行 的世界人民氣候變化與地球母親權利會議(World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth),以及台灣舉辦的亞太綠人會議,提供探索的脈絡。 從哥本哈根到柯加邦巴 世界人民氣候變化與地球母親權利會議的舉辦緣由,是因玻利維亞原住民籍總統莫拉萊斯(Evo Morales)以及諸多非政府組織,對去年底哥本哈根會議的程序與結論的不滿,故於極富象徵意義、曾成功對抗水資源私有化的柯加邦巴省舉辦。3天的大會 中,探討的議題廣至經濟結構轉移、與自然和諧共處、原住民權利等,亦細至針對碳市場的闕漏、技術轉移、行動策略等。最後大會的宣言中,提出了以下幾個重 點:   應維持大氣層中的二氧化碳濃度在300ppm以下,... Read more
Klaus Bardenhagen has informed us that his article about the APGN 2010 was published in the German daily newspaper "taz" yesterday. Click below to read the article. ASIENS GRÜNE PARTEIEN Auf einem Treffen beraten sie, wie sie als Parteien Erfolg haben und der Gefahr der Korrumpierung entgehen können oder ob die Zukunft nicht doch eher außerhalb der Parlamente liegt And here is the English Google translation to get a rough idea of the article contents: http://tinyurl.com/28k7w56 Klaus: Thanks... Read more
April 28, 2010 In Pursuit of Fair Share in Responsibilities while Tackling Climate Change The 2nd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN 2010), the first large-scale international green conference to be held in Taiwan, will convene April 30th and May 2nd at the Tienmu Convention Center. Environmentalists and representatives of local and overseas NGOs are among the invited participants. "Fair Share" is the main theme of the APGN 2010 conference, and stresses the... Read more
2nd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network -- Demonstration of a Green, Low Carbon and Environmentally Friendly Conference May 1, 2010 Taiwan’s first large-scale international conference on the environment, the Second Congress of the Asia pacific Greens Network will be held between April 30th and May 2nd at the Tianmu Convention Center. Among the invited are environmentalists from all 5 continents and domestic and foreign NGOs. The symposium not only provides a platform for participants to... Read more
Japan Kamanaka Hitomi (鎌仲瞳,Documentary Film Director) Mr. Hitomi joined the documentary production following his graduation from college. His master piece "Exploded, the End of the World" produced in 2003 won him several awards. “Villager’s Rhapsody”is a documentary produced in 2006, depicting the eco habitat of local residents of Rokkasho-Mura, Aomori Prefecture, Japan in a nuclear waste recycling plant. This May, his latest piece, "Flapping Wings of the Bees and Spinning Earth” will be... Read more
 Press Conference Invitation: Japanese MP and Documentary Film Director, Mr. Kamanaka Hitomi’s Visit to TaiwanTime: 13:00-14:00 April 29th, 2010 Venue: Tianmu Convention Center (No. 113, Section 7, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei)Taiwan’s first large-scale international conference on environment, "Second Asia-Pacific Green Conference" will be held between April 30th and May 2nd at the Tianmu Convention Center. Environmentalists and domestic and foreign NGOs have been invited to the conference.... Read more
800 Greens from 72 countries came to Canberra, Australia, April 13th-15th 2001, to approve the Global Green charter. This is the official conference video highlighting the entire weekend. Read more
Taipei, May 1 (CNA) Tuvalu Prime Minister Apisai Ielemia said Saturday that he is not optimistic about signing a deal at this year's United Nations climate change summit that would require countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "I cannot see a legally binding agreement being signed in Mexico at the end of this year. Things are moving a little bit too slow, " Ielemia told CNA in an interview on the sidelines of a regional climate change conference in Taipei. Calls have emerged... Read more
日本紀錄片女導演 期待非核亞太 鐮仲瞳是日本反核運動紀錄片的導演。拍攝紀錄片的目的是希望破解核電可以解決氣候變遷的迷思。不過她向新唐人記者表示,紀錄片在北京放映結束的第二天,她的部落格就被封掉了。 這是日本著名紀錄片導演鐮仲瞳製作的日本反核廢料運動紀錄片。希望啟發人們對核電進行反思,作出正確的抉擇。 長期從事紀錄日本反核運動的紀錄片導演鐮仲瞳,為參加4月30日至5月2日在天母會議中心舉辦的「第二屆亞太綠人大會」來到台灣,她表示,公開的資訊是正確判斷的重要依據。 日本紀錄片導演鐮仲瞳:「(我的影片)提供了正反兩面的資訊,有一個全貌,才能讓人有選擇,不能只說益處而不提弊處,應該客觀,然後你來選擇。」 日本靜岡縣議員松谷清(matusyakiyoshi)也長期從事日本反核運動,這次以「綠之未來」成員的身份來台。他從呼籲反核到走向脫核,為的是創造「對未來負責」及「誠信」的社會。 日本靜岡縣議員松谷清:「通過各種類型的活動來抵制核能源的運用。事實已經證明,自然能源、再生能源是完全可以開發的,如此一來核能源是完全沒有必要的,這已是不爭的事實。我們必須得思考,如何與自然共生,... Read more
澳、印環保大將 加入台灣「反對高科技血汗」連署行列 新頭殼 newtalk 2010.05.01 顧美芬/綜合報導 參加亞太綠人大會的印度環保運動者范達娜西娃博士,抵達台灣不到24小時已經開始積極參與台灣的環境議題,不但簽署了反對國光石化開發案,並跟澳洲綠黨主席鮑伯布朗(Bob Brown)一起當場簽署由台灣環保團體提出的「反對高科技血汗!」連署書,反對高科技產業毒害勞工,造成環境污染。 鮑伯布朗指出,近年氣候變遷議題漸受重視,澳洲前總理因推展核能及拒簽京都議定書而下台。 范達娜西娃回答記者提問時表示,犧牲少數民族生命財產,完成幾家大企業利益的作法是不對的。以印度來說,經濟成長率9%,結果是12億人生命掌握在4、5個有錢人的手中,雖說帶動經濟成長,但這是假象。(http://newtalk.tw/) 發表意見  |  推薦 ( 0 )  |    |   回要聞首頁 / 回生活要聞 / 上一則 / ... Read more
Taipei, April 30 (CNA) Nearly 200 leaders and environmental activists from home and abroad met in Taipei Friday at the start of a regional forum that highlighted the importance of shared responsibility in protecting natural resources. "Our interdependence is integral to our survival. Our resources as well as our responsibilities need to be equitably distributed in order to sustain the quality of life for future generations, " said the Taiwanese organizers of the Second... Read more