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The 2nd Green European Summer University 2011

Dear Greens around the planet and those who are specially around Asia and Pacific,.

I was fortunate to engage with several young greens attending the first ever Green Summer University in the German border city of Frankfort Oder (1 hour from Berlin) in 2008 in assisting preparatory work of their applications and was really excited in the event. Now that second summer university has come i think it is a excellent opportunity for Young Greens and specially political activist from Asia Pacific region, Africa and Latin America to attend and do great networking.


Greens Japan call for expansion of nuclear evacuation area & support for relief workers

More than two weeks have gone since 20-kilometer mandatory evacuation and 30-kilometer voluntary indoor evacuation are issued on March 15th, centered at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The indoor evacuation, that asks residents to stay inside their homes, can not be an effective measure against radiation exposure for many days although it can be so for shorter periods. Anticipating radioactive contamination to spread further, the evacuation order has to extend immediately to 30-kilometer area where voluntary indoor evacuation has been in effect.


Greens Japan urge the shut down of all of the nuclear power plants

Catastrophic failure at Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plants, triggered by 11-Mar-2011 earthquake and tsunami, makes it very clear to the world that nuclear generation is terribly risky business to conduct in seismically active area such as Japan. It is also clear that all nuclear power generations in Japan must be phased out. We have to move, now.

Officials may say the quake was "beyond speculation" but it did hit. What we have to do to cope with such quakes is: stop all nuclear plants.


Nuclear Energy is Not The Way

PARTIDO KALIKASAN would like to convey our deepest condolences and sympathy to all the victims of the recent natural disaster in Japan. The meltdown of Fukushima nuclear power plant north of Tokyo on the other hand is far from completely being a natural disaster. This is bad human judgment to opt for nuclear energy despite all its inherent dangers. The current disaster has raised serious threat not only to Japanese citizens but also to humanity.


Urgent statement on the big earthquake off the Pacific coast of Northeast Japan

In the afternoon of Mar 11, an enormous earthquake hit Northeast Japan, and a number of big afterquakes struck at many places in East Japan. At the night of Mar 12, more than 1700 people have been dead or missing, and serious damages have been caused by the fire or tsunami. The number of victims seems to be increasing, and we still don't know the whole picture of damages untill now. We offer deepest condolences to all the victims, and we pray their soul may rest in peace. And we request our government to rescue the missing people as soon as possible.


Ms Kazumi Inamura elected the City Mayor of Amagasaki - the first Green Mayor in Japan!

Dear young Greens,

This is Shuji from Japan Greens. As I predicted some weeks ago, I will be able to send you a wonderful news today !

On Sunday, November 21st, Ms Kazumi Inamura, the former co-spokesperson of Greens Japan (Midori no Mirai) was elected the City Mayor of Amagasaki, West Japan with wonderful election results.


China: Drop Charges Against Tibetan Environmental Philanthropist

Trumped-Up Case Against Karma Samdrup Follows Imprisonment of Relatives    JUNE 10, 2010

These are test cases for the Chinese government. These people embody the characteristics the government says it wants in modern Tibetans – economically successful, lending support to only approved cultural and environmental pursuits, and apolitical – yet they, too, are being treated as criminals.




The Spokespersons of the European Green Party condemn in the strongest possible terms the attack by Israeli forces on ships transporting humanitarian aid to Gaza which has resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people and many more serious injuries.

EGP Co-Spokespersons, Monica Frassoni and Philippe Lamberts, say:


[工作心得] 亞太綠人大會的志工服務


開放式空間會議,是這次大會中採取的開會方式之一,是一種會累壞工作人員的開會方式,討論議題有與會者提出,議題數目無上限,沒有提出議題的人可以選擇自己有興趣的議題去做討論,當你想聽聽更多不同議題時,也可以隨時移動自己去參與;參與議題時每個人都可以自由提出想法來討論,各個議題的內容最後會由紀錄者和工作人員整理出資料給與會者了解。工作人員必須粗估要有多少空間來容納大家激盪出的議題,每一個議題一個小圈圈,如果有人不知道某個議題在哪裡討論,工作人員也要提出協助;我所服務的是LANGUAGE BODY,協助需要翻譯的人了解討論內容。在「氣候變遷」這議題中幫助一位美國人中譯英。呼~~真不是件簡單的事哪!但我很享受這樣的經驗:)


Visas for Taiwan

For those of you in countries that do not have Taiwan visa issuing offices you can obtain a landing visa. This will apply to participants from Pakistan, Nepal, Iraq, Sri Lanka and some other countries. Please read this carefully. Questions or assistance [email protected]



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