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Green Program at COP20 Lima


Date & Time Time Event Description  Location
5-7 December See program agenda in English & Español FPVA General Assembly meeting “Oportunidades ante la COP20: Eficiencia, Cooperación y Nuevas Inversiones."  Suites Antique Apart Hotel en el distrito de San Isidro, Lima. (Av. Dos de Mayo 954) 
8 December 11am - 1pm Greens Meeting Point

Meet fellow Global Greens for continuous networking, friendship builidng and information sharing throughout COP20.

Zone B, at the tables outside the COP20 restaurant tent (photo of location)
8 Dec Evening Heinrich Boell Foundation dinner Theme: "Action for the climate of Lima to Paris: how Europe and Latin America can ally for a fair and ambitious global climate agreement" (Read more) The venue's capacity is filled.
10 Dec 8-10 am Greens breakfast Greens are briefed on the Director of Climate Action Network Europe about the negotiations and participants share information on what their own government and delegation is planning.  The venue's capacity is filled.
10 Dec 10:00 am  Climate People's March

10 December is the International Day of Human Rights and conmemorates of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 by the UN. This year the world will mobilize to defend living systems’ right to last on this planet. Join the mobilization in Lima and everyone around the world!

Ave. de la Peruanidad (Campo de Marte)
10 Dec 6:00 - 6:30 pm  Global Greens Press Conference Green MPs and political leaders from the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific Federations assess from different global perspectives COP20 and beyond. Held at COP20 Press Conference Room 2, and broadcast online

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