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A discussion among youth between the Green parties of Taiwan and Japan Hasegawa Uigo, 中翻英: 張菀渝 7/26, a talk session event "Islands belong to sea not people" was held in Kyoto. This is a talk between the young's of Green Party Taiwan and Green Party Japan. With the participation of about 80 people, it was a great success event. The panelist of Taiwan and Japan introduced their activities and thoughts. They asked about things which they are interested in and wondering toward the other country.... Read more
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Cleaner, cheaper power for our schools. The Green Party has a comprehensive plan for cleaner, cheaper power for all New Zealanders. This extends to our kids.  We will help schools reduce their power bills by investing $20 million into solar PV systems in schools, allowing schools to benefit from cheaper, cleaner power.  Schools' power bills are too high. Our policy will let them save money on electricity - money which can be invested directly into teaching and learning instead.  Our schools... Read more
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The Green Party will build a smarter greener economy that benefits every New Zealander.  Innovation lies at the heart of a smart, green economy. Economies that innovate do better over the long term, creating good jobs that pay well.  Our plan to build a smarter, more innovative economy has as its centrepiece an additional $1 billion of government investment in research and development (R&D) above current spend, including tax breaks for business.  The Green Party's plan for an innovative... Read more
Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) - Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) is a news and analysis website focused on providing the latest updates and insight into global low carbon developments. Our sister website Climate Change TV (CCTV) offers an online channel hosting interviews and footage from international climate change and development summits. We are accredited as official observers to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and run a TV... Read more
Fifteen years ago my wife and I bought our farm, “Faraway”, on the south coast of Western Australia. It’s a beautiful area and an ark of biological diversity. For example, about seventy percent of Australia’s wildflower species are native to the region. When we built our house in 2008, we were committed to building a home in which we could live sustainably. At the same time, we didn’t want to do without any of the comforts of modern living. We have 90 acres in a valley, on the edge of a... Read more
In Taiwan on April 27 more than one hundred NGOs acted in unison and held the second anti-nuclear rally of this year. Anti-nuclear activists came together holding all-night sit-ins, staging mass rallies, and fighting riot police and water cannon on the street. Their immediate goal was to demand that the government halt the construction of the accident-ridden Lungmen nuclear plant. In the long term the goal is to close down the nuclear power industry in Taiwan. To find out more about the anti-... Read more
"I am devastated, but there is no time to mourn." The Australian Greens leader, Christine Milne, reflects on the repeal of the price on pollution. Read more
By. Peter Martin Economics Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald (Click to watch video) The good news is the Renewable Energy Target has been a success. It's built up a wind and solar power generation industry at a very low cost to electricity users. In six years' time it'll start to push power prices down. The bad news is the panel doesn't like it. It thinks it's been too successful. Originally intended to snare 20 per cent of Australia's electricity generation industry by the end of the decade,... Read more
By Stafford Ray This little guy is only 1cm long, but he is a vital link in the chain that feeds billions of people. He is eaten by fish that eat other fish and we eat them. He goes, people starve. Sea Butterfly. Tallest cathedrals rest on a grain of sand, Sharing the load across its billions. Mightiest oceans rest on a butterfly Giving its body to succour humanity.   Scientists (who study these things) are screaming in the wilderness, that unless we stop carbon dioxide emissions forthwith,... Read more
Prime Minister Stephen Harper stands with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso after signing an agreement in principal on trade in October 2013 at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. However, concerns from newly-elected EU lawmakers may put the deal in jeopardy. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)
EU lawmakers are threatening to block a multi-billion dollar trade pact between Canada and the European Union — a blueprint for a much bigger EU-U.S. deal — because it would allow firms to sue governments if they breach the treaty. Read more
The Global Greens Climate Campaign & the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation supports the Peoples Climate March.  Learn all about it & get involved here:  THE PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH RESOURCE PACK: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO CHANGE EVERYTHING On September 21st, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march on the streets of New York City, demanding action from government leaders to seriously address climate change. Under the unifying message “To change everything we need everyone... Read more