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Summary of News items

Catherine Greze speaks about women in democracy during the Global Greens Congress in Dakar, March 2012. (Video made by Greens-EFA)     Read more
Voter casts her ballot in the second round of the Presidential Elections. UN Photo/B. Soares
The president of East Timor explains why an election he lost'' is really a victory. Read more
Dear Green Friends --This morning I resigned as Leader of the Australian Greens. I will leave the Senate in June when the Tasmanian Greens nominate a replacement Senator. The time has come.I wanted to immediately thank you for your support, enthusiasm and direct involvement in Green politics on my watch. I can never forget or adequately repay the personal encouragement I have received over so many years from you, my family, friends, colleagues, work mates, party workers, voters and supporters.... Read more
New Australian Greens Leader, Christine Milne, today paid tribute to Bob Brown’s extraordinary leadership and promised to build on his legacy by reaching out to even more Australians who share our values of looking after our country and our people, now and into the future. “Under Bob’s wise leadership, the Greens have grown into the undisputed third force in Australian politics, with our vision, policies and action towards a healthier, cleverer, cleaner future embraced by 1.7 million... Read more
Her anti-road campaign put Yevgenia Chirikova at the center of attention.
Oleg Mitvol — a former environmental inspector who made a name for himself exposing infractions by Shell and other foreign companies investing in Russia’s natural resource sector during the mid-2000s — announced the creation of his Green Alliance party in March. Read more
Kennedy Graham, MP for New Zealand Greens
by Kennedy Graham, Metiria Tūrei and I were the two Kiwi MPs attending the 3rd Global Greens Congress which concluded last week. Green party colleagues, Pete Davis (International Secretary) and Jackson Wood (Young Greens) attended as well, so there was a respectable turnout of four from NZ.  Yes, offsetting occurred.These are, more or less, five-year events.  The 1st Congress, in Canberra in 2001, adopted the Global Greens Charter.  The 2nd, in Sao Paulo in ‘08, laid... Read more
By Thomas Friedman, The New York TimesISN’T it interesting that the Arab awakening began in Tunisia with a fruit vendor who was harassed by police for not having a permit to sell food — just at the moment when world food prices hit record highs? And that it began in Syria with farmers in the southern village of Dara’a, who were demanding the right to buy and sell land near the border, without having to get permission from corrupt security officials? And that it was spurred on in Yemen — the... Read more
 Haidar El Ali (left) receiving a plaque to recognize his role in the development of the Global Greens Congress in Dakar, Senegal. The plaque is being presented by Frank Habineza, President of the Rwanda Democratic Green Party.
Haïdar El Ali, Senegalese ecologist and leader of the African Greens, has been appointed Minister for the Environment and Protection of nature by recently elected President Macky Sall. Read more
Around 600 Greens from 76 countries attended Dakar 2012, the third ever Global Greens Congress - and the first in Africa. Meeting in the Senegalese capital of Dakar between 29 March to 1 April, delegates tackled issues such as solidarity, democracy, biodiversity, climate change and the future of the Global Greens movement, and adopted a series of resolutions to pave the way to a stronger and even more cohesive green politics worldwide. Read more
Dakar - The Global Greens attending the Dakar2012 Global Congress, which closed today in Senegal, adopted a series of resolutions to pave the way to stronger and even more cohesive green politics worldwide. Representatives of over 70 green parties from across the world met for three days during this third Global Congress, the first in Africa, and tackled issues such as solidarity, democracy, biodiversity, climate change, and the future of the Global Greens movement. Read more
Approximately 400 Greens from 76 countries gathered in Dakar, Senegal on March 29-April 1 for the third Global Greens Congress. The Congress featured workshops, plenary sessions and the kind of international networking that reminds us that the Green Party is clearly a global movement. Dakar was chosen to highlight the growing presence of Green Parties in Africa, and the strength of the Green Party (FEDES – Fédération Démocratique des Ecologiste) in Senegal itself. Among the resolutions approved... Read more
This song is recommended by Mr. BK Dalit, Green Civil Society (Nepali Greens)Lyrics:Timi deu timra haatharu ( Give me your hands)Ma dinchhu mera haatharu( I give you my hands)Aaau milau haamra haatharu( Come on let’s join our hands)Nyaya ra samanatako laagi ( For justice and equality)Aau milau haamra haatharu ( Come on Let’s join our hands)Timi deu timra swar haru ( Give me your voice)Ma dinchhu mera swar haru ( I give you my voice)Aaau milau haamra swar haru ( Come on Let’s merge voice)... Read more
The official opening of the Global Gongresses brought a massive local and international media response in Dakar, Senegal. The video broadcast media dominated the front row of the Congress plenary venue and key speakes were in high demand, after the opening, in the media scrums. Read more
Over 450 participants from 70 countries are meeting in Dakar, Senegal, for Dakar 2012 ( , 29th March - 1st April), the first ever Global Green Congress hosted in Africa. Green parties representatives and world-known political leaders are gathering to discuss the global political model based on green economy, green jobs, democratic values, social justice and the future of the Green party movement. Read more
Delivered by Keli Yen at the 3rd Global Greens Congress panel discussing the Future of the Global Greens Resolution.We’re in this room today because of our deeply held individual values; and as members of the Global Greess, we collaborate to realise a shared vision which is beautifully expressed in the GGs Charter.The Greens inspire me because we hold ourselves to a higher standard of excellence: As individuals: we are ever refining our accountability for the ripple effect we each create as... Read more
The Taiwan Green Party and indigenous groups propose the establishment of an indigenous network at an upcoming congress in the African country of Senegal with the aim of uniting global support for indigenous people on environmental issues. Read more
Taipei, March 22 (CNA) Taiwanese environmental and indigenous groups said Thursday that they will propose the establishment of an indigenous network at an upcoming congress in the African country of Senegal with the aim of uniting global support for indigenous people on environmental issues."We hope to highlight issues such as the disposal of nuclear waste on indigenous land at the Global Greens Congress," said Chiu Hsin-hui, an official of the Green Party Taiwan, which drafted the proposal.The... Read more
Prime Minister Julia Gillard celebrated on Tuesday the passage of a controversial tax on profits generated by Australia’s enormous mining boom, a much needed legislative victory for the embattled leader, who recently survived an embarrassing leadership challenge from within her own Labor Party. Ms. Gillard hailed the Minerals Resource Rent Tax, as the legislation is known, after it passed the Senate late Monday night by a vote of 38 to 32 with the support of the Greens. The law, which is to go... Read more