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Summary of News items

Beyond Nuclear spokespeople available for commentTAKOMA PARK, Md. - March 8 -  Hundreds of thousands of people across the world will be involved in actions around the March 11 commemoration of the Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster which began on that date a year ago. Events will be going on throughout the month of March and into April.Beyond Nuclear has put together a Global Calendar of Events, which is frequently updated on it March Against Nuclear Madness Facebook page. Please review the... Read more
GO ZERO::Activists, non-governmental organizations and people from across the nation took to the streets of Taipei yesterday to urge a rethink of nuclear energyBy Lee I-chia  /  Staff ReporterMon, Mar 12, 2012 - Page 1Thousands of opponents of nuclear energy from across the nation paraded in the streets of Taipei yesterday to mark the first anniversary of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which crippled the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.“Nuclear go zero — rethink nuclear... Read more
Today we mark the First Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the loss, grief and suffering endured by the people of Japan.The meltdowns at Fukushima have sharpened the debate over the future of nuclear energy in Australia and elsewhere. If a disaster that has created 160,000 radiation refugees and made 3% of Japan uninhabitable was not enough to end the debate, what kind of disaster will it take?  That's up to us. Download the new edition of Let the Facts Speak and join the... Read more
ABOUT APGN-FORUMThe APGN-Forum is the official email list of the Asia-Pacific Green Network. Its purpose is promote communication between Greens in the Asia-Pacific region, for the purpose of building strong and effective Green Parties and for advancing Green issues in the region.The primary language of this email list is English. However many languages are spoken in the Asia-Pacific Region and many people who do not speak English as a primary language. Therefore, list participants are asked to... Read more
Dehradun, 13 February 2012, Tribune News NetworkThe Uttarakhand Parivarthan Party (UPP) has started its preparation for the Assembly election of 2012 by giving directions to strengthen the party at the district and village levels, and also prepare a list of possible candidates. It was also decided to emerge as the third front with the help of like-minded political parties if needed against the BJP and the Congress. The issues picked up for the elections were opposition of the mafia, grouping of... Read more
The President of African Greens Federation, Frank Habineza, warmly welcomes you all to the 3rd Global Greens Congress in Senegal. This will be the first one to be held in Africa. Other details can be found from:, and Read more
6 March The run-off election has been set for Sunday 25 March, with results due on 28 March. We are evaluating the implications for the Congress which begins on 29 March and will provide another update before the end of the week. 2 March President Abdoulaye Wade and second-placed opposition candidate Macky Sall will contest a run-off Presidential election in mid-March. The first round of the election was completed peacefully on Friday with Wade gaining 35% and Sall 27% of the vote. The date... Read more
KATHMANDU, Jan 29: Election Commission (EC) on Saturday issued a public notice against various 30 political parties including the ruling Madhesi parties to furnish clarifications within next 15 days as to why they failed to submit the details of their incomes and expenditures.Issuing a public notice on Saturday, the EC has also sought clarifications as to why the parties should not be punished as per the provisions made in the Act Related to Political Parties (2058 BS) for failing to submit... Read more
Enacted by the 8th current session of Civil Will Green Party, dated January 28, 2012.                                        CHAPTER ONE. GENERAL PROVISION Article 1. Concept, Name, Logo and Colours of the Party 1.1. The party is committed to provide reforms in the society in compliance with the economy based on private properties and green development while embracing democracy, human rights, liberty and justice, and treasuring and renewing the traditional thought in the environmental policy... Read more
台灣綠黨:亞洲綠色運動中成功的故事 台灣綠黨(Green Party Taiwan, GPT)在2012年全國大選中,贏得的票數幾乎是上一屆的四倍,也確立成為台灣第五大政黨。而2010年11月台北市議員選舉中,台灣綠黨亦在某些選區贏得百分之五的選票,並成功領回競選保證金。我相信,台灣綠黨正朝著成功之路邁進,我們日本綠黨,對其成就深感羨慕。台灣綠黨的特色,在於堅持以「生態與多元」作為政黨哲學,並且毫不退讓。在日本,如果小黨堅守其原初的政治態度,最後總會失去支持而逐漸消失;相反地,台灣綠黨卻穩定地得到群眾的認同與支持。我認為,台灣綠黨之所以能夠成功,不僅因為其與公民運動、團體、議題相關的非政府組織間相互聯結;同時,也因為台灣綠黨持續、堅定地挑戰每一次的全國選舉與地區選舉。蒙古、尼泊爾與菲律賓等亞洲地區雖然也有綠黨存在,但我確信,在運動的推展上,台灣綠黨是最為成功的。日本的綠色運動於八零年代便已開展,具有綠色導向的團體也經常參與國家選舉,但卻無法建立綠黨組織,以致於三十年來,不斷重複潰散的命運。台灣綠黨則以相反的方式運作:自開始就以政黨組織的形式活動,開拓成果,最後終於成功地贏得公民支持。... Read more
To submit a formal complaint to the APGF or to request the assistance of the Conciliation Panel on an issue that risks bringing the APGF into disrepute, please submit the following information via the online form or a document to the APGF Secretariat.Name the allegation. Name the facts pertinent to the allegations; Name your request. If you propose a particular remedy please name the basis for it. (e.g., based on rules, protocol, Global Greens Charter, international law or norms). Specify if... Read more
Upset that Aboriginal rights advocacy groups and Aboriginal issues have been ignored during the presidential and vice presidential candidate debates, Aboriginal groups yesterday urged the organizers of tomorrow’s presidential debate to allow them to raise questions during the proceedings.Aboriginal rights advocates as well as Aboriginal celebrities — including Amis singer Panai Kusul and Tsou singer-actress Paicu Yatauyungana — who is better known by her Chinese name Kao Hui-chun (高慧君) — made... Read more
Law of Mother Earth expected to prompt radical new conservation and social measures in South American nation.Bolivia is set to pass the world's first laws granting all nature equal rights to humans. The Law of Mother Earth, now agreed by politicians and grassroots social groups, redefines the country's rich mineral deposits as "blessings" and is expected to lead to radical new conservation and social measures to reduce pollution and control industry.The country, which has been pilloried by the... Read more
The concept of “a wild law,” which grants equal rights to nature, is based on the idea that humans do not have an explicit right to destroy our natural environment. Under wild law, natural ecosystems’ rights supersede the interests of any one species (including humans). Obviously, this idea can be incredibly controversial. Even in Bolivia, where they’ve amended their constitution to give nature equal rights to people, they are still working out the details.Bolivia amended its constitution after... Read more
After decades of exile to environmentalism’s legal fringes, the notion that natural systems could have legal rights is receiving serious attention.Bolivia’s Law of Mother Earth is set to pass. On Wednesday the United Nations will discuss a proposed treaty based on the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth (.pdf), which was drafted by environmentalists last year. Both mandate legal recognition of ecosystems’ right to exist.It’s highly unlikely that the United Nations would pass any... Read more
Video of Green parliamentarians’ press conference in Durban last night can be viewed here: Speakers are:- Senator Christine Milne, Deputy Leader of the Australian Green Party - Bas Eickhout – MEP, official representative of the Greens/EFA member in the European Parliament delegation,- Lance Greyling - Member of Parliament in South Africa for the Independent Democrats- Hermann Ott, MP and... Read more
Background:Taiwan's nuclear waste is building up and there is no solution to the waste problem. Recently, an increased amount of radiation has been detected on Orchid Island, which is likely from the radioactive material leaking into the environment from the nuclear waste stored there. Taipower is now targeting Nantian Village in southern Taitung (just to the north of Pingtung county) for a new long-term storage site in the traditional lands of another indigenous group, the Paiwan.This is part... Read more
Lauded as the best campaign of the election, the Greens 2011 effort owed its success to an early spadework, the party's mounting experience, and lessons learned from its bigger rivals, key party insiders say.Green Party communications director Andrew Campbell said the "biggest thing we did that was good" was to start work on the campaign "a year if not two years out".Greens' campaign manager Megan Salole said a vital part of that early work was focus group testing.Previously frustrated by a... Read more