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Summary of News items

  Dear All, Today 05th June nominated for the world environment Day. This is designed to give a human face to environmental issues, empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development, promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues and advocate partnership which will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future. If we lost something there are more ways to make it again or to find... Read more
Wanbao Borough in Miaoli County’s HoulongTownship is part of an alluvial coast in western Taiwan whose fertile fields grow watermelon, peanuts and sweet potatoes. Generations of farmers there have planted and sowed in rhythm with the seasons.
In the last few months, however, the 400 or so families of Wanbao have felt that their land and way of life are no longer secure, as they were surprised to learn that their farmlands have been included in a development plan aimed to boost local employment. The farmers learnt of the plan in November 2008, when the Miaoli County Government notified them in the form of registered letters. The letters requested that Wanbao residents provide an appraisal on the value of their land. The villagers... Read more
We, Chinese Greens & Chinese Young Greens, also endorse the Gaza Statement by Global Greens and Asia Pacific Greens against the insulting to Human Rights and humanitarian aids! Dong Li, Co-Chairman of Chinese Greens Jingyi Yang, Co-Chairwoman of Chinese Greens Ouyang, Chair of Chinese Young Greens Xiaodong Liu, Secretary General of CGP Xiaoguang Lv, Deputy Secretary of CGP Zhonghe Meng, CGP Delegate in APGN Ruihua (Sunflower) Lee, Director of Dpt. for Female and Children Rights Yang Yu,... Read more
The Mongolian Green Party joins the Statement of GGC condemning the attack on the convoy taking humanitarian aid to Gaza. The Mongolian Greens emphasize the urgent importance of on independent international investigation into this tradegy in order to determine the appropriateness of the force used and to call for accountability of any action. Read more
We, Korea Greens, also confirm to sign on the statement condemning the attack on the humanitarian aids convoy to GAZA. Inwhan JUNG, representing the KOREA GREENS 7 June, 2010.   Read more
The Global Greens condemn in the strongest terms the Israeli government’s deadly attack on the flotilla of six ships carrying aid supplies to the Palestinians trapped in Gaza.      We send our deep sympathy to the families and friends of those killed and injured while taking part in an international mission whose purpose was peaceful and humanitarian.      The responsibility lies with Israel to explain its actions including the use of armed forces to... Read more
31.05.2010                                                                                        The Spokespersons of the European Green Party condemn in the strongest possible terms the attack by Israeli forces on ships transporting humanitarian aid to Gaza which has resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people and many more serious injuries.EGP Co-Spokespersons, Monica Frassoni and Philippe Lamberts, say:“There can be no justification for this illegal use of excessive force in international... Read more
自由時報 99/05/28 日本捕鯨活動 澳洲將告上國際法庭 【11:49】 〔本報訊〕媒體報導,為了阻止日本在南極的捕鯨活動, 澳洲環境部以及司法部今 天宣布,下周將就日本在南極的捕鯨活動採取法律行動,並 告上海牙的國際法庭。 為了表達阻止捕殺鯨魚的決心,今天澳大利亞環境部部長皮特加雷特和司法部部 長羅伯特麥克萊蘭聯合發表聲明,宣布將把日本這個捕鯨國的行為,告 上海牙國際 法庭。 澳洲環保部長加雷特表示,將在下周初將有關文件,提交予國際法庭,並表示希 望阻止日本,繼續以所謂「科學調查」的名義,在南極海獵殺鯨魚;但 這樣的大動 作,澳洲外交部長史密斯表示,不認為此舉會影響該國與日本的關係。 根據數據表示,目前全世界僅剩下日本、挪威及冰島仍從事商業捕鯨活動,這3 個國家加起來,每年約捕殺2000多頭鯨魚,其中以日 本捕殺的數量最多。 Read more
May 20, 2010 The Global Green Coordination representing more than 80 green parties from around the world, greets the surging campaign  for the upcoming presidential elections being conducted by the Colombian Green Party and its candidate Antanas Mockus. The spectacular support they are receiving opens a completely new and promising perspective for this country, delivering hope    to overcome the dominating violence, corruption and social injustice. We call on the Colombian... Read more
Greetings from the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)! I am writing to you to share our appeal for police attack on tribes protesting against POSCO (multinational Korean steel company) steel plant project which will clean forest and their land where thousands of tribes have been living in generations.  The police fired indifferently at protests including women and elders using shotguns and firearms. Please support the villagers who have been struggling to protect their forest and land for... Read more
A former philosopher with some unusual policy ideas looks certain to take the country's presidency By Esmé McAvoy.  Original Link: Sunday, 23 May 2010 If Antanas Mockus wins the Colombian elections – and polls indicate that he will – he won't be your average president. Not only did he make his name when rector of the National University by dropping his pants and... Read more
There is a 1 hour radio program  on  this afternoon at 6pm Eastern Australian time about the Australian Greens  and what role we will have in our national parliamen t after the upcoming election .  You can listen to the program live on the web at this address - Link to Listen Live Bob will be a guest on the program and there will be ‘talkback’ where people from the audience ring in and have their say about the topic. I think you may find it quite an interesting discussion. The promotion for the... Read more
文/劉美妤 我們拒絕再次殖民! 當今反全球化運動旗手范達娜.席娃(Vandana Shiva)來台灣了。這位另類諾貝爾獎得主、享譽國際的環境運動者及生態女性主義物理學家在台灣旋風式停留36小時, 一襲印度傳統紗麗,以她鏗鏘有力的演說留給聽眾們深刻印象。她同時也聲援了在亞太綠人大會會場擺攤的搶救白海豚行動、收下反中科農民贈送的稻穀,她說,她不需要是台灣人就能感受。對於血汗堆積出來的高科技產業,席娃直接下了一句評語:「高科技?那叫粗糙科技!」 今年將滿58歲的席娃博士因反對基因改造而受跨國企業孟山都送上一沱牛糞,欣然接受的她因而有了「牛糞博士」這個名號。她至今仍活力十足,神采熱情堅定;她不時提起印度國父甘地,講求和平、民主、反對強權殖民的精神,如今以另一種形式發揮。公開演說時,席娃博士往往以幾句精準而有力的言語贏得滿堂喝采,而女性身分也給了她更多積極行動的理由。她主張以土地和女性為主體的農業體系,擁有最高生產效率。席娃的母親就是農民。接受專訪時,席娃指出,性別與生態意識的關聯分為兩個層次,一方面,生態、糧食問題是全人類共同面對的,在這個層次上性別並無差異;... Read more
參加完這個活動已經過了五天,我正在努力的適應新工作、認識新同事、學習新技能,但不斷浮現在腦海中的,卻是擔任亞太綠人大會場地/接待志工一幕幕的場景:) 開放式空間會議,是這次大會中採取的開會方式之一,是一種會累壞工作人員的開會方式,討論議題有與會者提出,議題數目無上限,沒有提出議題的人可以選擇自己有興趣的議題去做討論,當你想聽聽更多不同議題時,也可以隨時移動自己去參與;參與議題時每個人都可以自由提出想法來討論,各個議題的內容最後會由紀錄者和工作人員整理出資料給與會者了解。工作人員必須粗估要有多少空間來容納大家激盪出的議題,每一個議題一個小圈圈,如果有人不知道某個議題在哪裡討論,工作人員也要提出協助;我所服務的是LANGUAGE BODY,協助需要翻譯的人了解討論內容。在「氣候變遷」這議題中幫助一位美國人中譯英。呼~~真不是件簡單的事哪!但我很享受這樣的經驗:) 最最深刻的感想是,我接觸到了一大群想要拯救『暖的不像話、資源分配不均、貧富差距大的地球』的人們,有比我小的台灣高一生、高三生、大學生、已經工作的社會人士;有來自大陸、日本、美國的交換學生;各國的綠人組織的年齡層也很廣。... Read more
潘翰聲(綠黨 共同召集人)        台北南港的202兵工廠遷移開發案的爭議升高,馬英九總統將在週一(十日)前往現勘,這將檢驗馬總統是不是換位子換腦袋,也檢驗台北所謂首善之都的格局,有沒有比南方的高雄新都來得高。        馬英九在擔任台北市長任內的都市計畫,針對202兵工廠的遷移後的土地使用,做出「全市性公園」的政策決定。但現任市長郝龍斌,雖然擔任過環保署長,卻一點也不珍惜這片因為軍事管制所成就的台北最後山林,其都市計畫變更案完全不理會民間反對聲音,幾個月的時間之內,都市計畫迅速地通過專案小組審查,一步步快馬加鞭要將這片現成的森林公園送入財團的虎口,若無高層授意,官商之間很難有如此密切配合的高效率。       台北市政府要將這片軍事用地變更為「特定區」,稍微瞭解土地開發和環保法令的人心裡肯定會「毛毛的」,這代表未來這塊土地的用途將會包山包海,還灌上「生態環保科技園區... Read more
Bookies name Green Party leader Caroline Lucas as favourite for Brighton and Pavilion seat. James Murray, BusinessGreen, 06 May 2010 Voters go to the polls across the country today with the overall result remaining on a knife edge, and the bookies indicating that Britain is on the verge of electing its first Green MP. Green Party leader Caroline Lucas has been campaigning hard in Brighton and Pavilion and while there is no recent polling data available, the bookies have her as 8-11 favourite to... Read more
Report by Rainforest Action Network: Cargill's Problem With Palm Oil The report can be downloaded from The file takes some time to download) Executive Summary U.S. agribusiness giant Cargill plays a leading role in the globalpalm oil market. The largest importer of palm oil into the U.S.,Cargill has a two-part business model in the palm oil industry: itboth owns and operates palm oil plantations in... Read more
ISIS Press Release 04/05/10ISBN:978-7-300-10958-9 Author: Yimin Publisher: Renmin University Press (May 2010)Language: Chinese 165 pages Foreword By Dr. Mae-Wan Ho It has been 16 years since the first genetically modified(GM) crop - Flavr Savr tomato for delayed ripening - wasapproved for commercial growing in the USA. It was also theyear that I became a ?science activist', on realising howscience itself was falling prey to corporate manipulation.Flavr Savr was soon withdrawn as a failure; but... Read more
Published in SUNS #6918 dated 5 May 2010 Geneva, 4 May (Meena Raman) -- The Danish media have last week madepublic a confidential memorandum from the Danish Prime Minister'soffice dated 6 January 2010 entitled "COP15: analysis, perspective andstrategy", which provided the Danish perspective on the CopenhagenConference and the events leading up to the production of thecontroversial Copenhagen Accord. The Accord was not adopted by the 15th meeting of the Conference ofParties under the United... Read more
Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- On the weekend of 30 April-2 May I attended the second ever Asia Pacific Greens Network congress, hosted by the Green Party Taiwan in the Shilin district in the north of Taipei. The first APGN conference was in Kyoto in 2005. The theme of this conference was Fair Share. APGN is part of the wider Global Green Network. The conference was brilliantly run on a shoestring, supported by 200 enthusiastic young Taiwanese volunteers. It was attended by delegates... Read more