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Summary of News items

Greens Japan formal declaration on the occasion of the relaunch of the Sendai Nuclear Plant: Our appeal for an end to a demonstrably irresponsible way of generating energy. August 11th,2015 Executive Committee of Greens Japan, As of the 11th of August, the Sendai Nuclear Plant number one reactor will be recommissioned as an active nuclear generator. This will be the first incidence of this occurring in Japan since the nuclear accident that took place in Fukushima in 2011. The relaunch, which... Read more
The New Zealand Green Party is calling on the Government to set a goal of 100 percent renewable electricity generation or risk being left behind as industry leads the transition from dirty fossil fuel electricity generation to clean renewable power, the Green Party said today. “The Government’s fossil fuel-focused energy strategy is looking out of touch and out of date following Contact’s announcement it is closing the Otahuhu B gas plant and Genesis’ announcement it will close the Huntly coal... Read more
By Elias C. “Kiko” Labro, Jr., August 1, 2015 Dedication: for Alphonse Kion and Albus!  From Tatay Kiko An Activist's Reflection: The Significance of the Youth and the Youth Movement in Building a Just and Peaceful Community in the Region In the early hour of August 22, 1983, I was seated in a corner of a dark alley facing the door of an old lady's house.  Ka Naty, called by her friends and families, advised me to come to her house in order to catch the vehicle that will bring us to Domingo... Read more
Tribute to Dr. Louise Crossley who, among her many feats & contributions to the Greens movement, prepared the Global Greens Charter. Her commitment, fortitude and inspiration brought the Charter to life.  Louise died in Hobart Tasmania on Thursday 30 June. She made a magnificent contribution and will be greatly missed by the many who were touched through her amazing life. Read about the Charter being endorsed at the 1st Global Greens Congress held in 2001: Read more
2015/07/28 臨時総会決議  戦後70年目となるこの夏、安倍政権と安保法制によって戦後政治が大きな岐路に立たされている中で、緑の党は、7月25日から26日にかけて、連日国会包囲行動が取り組まれている東京において臨時総会を開催しました。  この総会では、来年の参院選方針や掲げるべき重点政策などを議論するとともに、各地の活動の情報や経験も報告・共有されました。そうした議論や意見交換の中で、全国各地で多様な層や人々の中から安保法制や安倍政権に反対する声が高まり、それが互いに共感し合いながら大きく拡がっていること、その中で、私たち緑の党も他の政治勢力や市民とともにいっそう力を尽くしていく必要性を確信しました。  また、安倍政権による集団的自衛権行使容認・安保法制の強行は、「本土」の政治が沖縄に痛みと犠牲を押しつけている沖縄基地問題や、福島原発事故とその深刻な被害を意図的に風化させながら進める原発再稼働政策とも一体のものであるとの認識を共有し、批判や反対の声を無視してこうした政策を強権的に進める「安倍政治」を終わらせる必要があることをあらためて確認しました。  総会ではさらに、... Read more
Image: Coal ship Pasha Bulker aground near Newcastle. Tim J Keegan
Click to book China and India are the world's two biggest importers of thermal coal and both are moving rapidly to transform their energy markets. The implications for Australia are huge. If coal is indeed in structural decline, stranded assets await - mines in the Galilee Basin, Whitehaven, Shenhua to name a few. Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australasia, for the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, draws on 25 years of financial market experience to survey... Read more
Photo: The International Institute for Strategic Studies
The Green Party is calling on the New Zealand Government to use its presidency of the UN Security Council to introduce a determination, in the form of a presidential statement or resolution following the Open Debate, that climate change is a threat to international peace and security. “New Zealand can use its UN Security Council presidency to highlight the threat that climate change poses to international peace and security,” said Green Party global affairs spokesperson Dr Kennedy Graham. “... Read more
Green Party Korea supports Greece’s resistance and Syriza’s struggle Greece failed to repay €15bn (₩1,900bn) to the IMF by June 30. This is actually beach of contract. On July 5th, today, the referendum was held over reforms demanded by Euro zone finance ministers. The Green Party Korea would like to express deep concern and anger on Greece’s crisis and the threats Greece has received from the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the IMFT, also known as the "Troika". In Korea, we... Read more
Windy Wellington
In an effort to tackle climate change and to improve the conditions of political leadership in Indonesia that is still far from green values, the existence of a Green Party Indonesia has become urgent. In many cases, the oligarchy of current political parties still obstructs the leadership of the good people and the work of Greens in Indonesia. Thus, there is no other choice but to build the Green Party of Indonesia as early as possible to save the good people and promote Green politics. The... Read more
第三屆亞太綠人大會(2015 APGF 3rd Congress - Wellington, New Zealand)於今年6月12至14日在紐西蘭舉行,長期推動多元成家法案的台灣伴侶權益推動聯盟許秀雯律師偕同台灣綠黨出席此會。由許秀雯律師草擬的一項多元性別權益保障決議文,在代表團的努力下,獲得來自十多個亞太國家的綠黨無異議通過。此決議文為亞太綠人大會第一次通過有關多元性別的決議文,成功促成多元性別的跨國結盟。決議文草擬者許秀雯欣見此進展,並分享此行與多國綠黨國會議員會談的心得。她表示澳洲國會議員Janet Rice在聽到台灣民調有半數以上支持同性婚姻,但兩大黨卻欠缺堅定的政治意志推動婚姻平權法案後,深有同感地表示澳洲面臨很相像的狀況。但澳洲保守黨的總理Tony Abbott日前已經鬆口表示,可以開放黨員良心投票,婚姻平權已露出曙光。面對台灣局勢,Janet Rice認為將多元性別的議題放上政治議程是重要的,支持者若能凝聚政治實力,成功的腳步應該可以快點到來。已經通過婚姻平權的紐西蘭綠黨議員Steffan Browning則興奮的說,... Read more
On 25 April 2015 a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal at 11:56am and several aftershocks followed. The April 25 and May 12 earthquakes were among the deadliest natural disasters to occur in Nepal. The earthquakes caused a significant loss of human lives, property and damaged cherished heritage sites. Schools, hospitals and local clinics, infrastructure including roads and drinking water networks have suffered immensely. The death toll has already surpassed 8,800 and over 21,300 people have... Read more
台灣綠黨參加亞太區域綠黨大會(APGF)促成實踐多元性別主流化等多項決議 記者陳俊廷/高雄報導, 2015-06-17 21:17 台灣綠黨共同召集人李根政17日指出,日前參與在紐西蘭首都威靈頓城舉辦的亞太綠黨大會,與澳洲、紐西蘭、日本、韓國等十個國家綠黨國會議員及代表會面,提出包括承認台灣為主權獨立國家等五項決議獲得大會通過。 綠黨指出,相較於台灣在國際社會中處處碰壁,無法與各國政府建立正式外交關係的處境下,台灣綠黨積極與亞太地區綠黨建立起的網絡與友誼,實為珍貴的外交資產,值得長期深耕發展。 台灣綠黨代表團十二人,於6月12日至16日參與在紐西蘭首都威靈頓城舉辦的亞太綠黨大會,台灣代表團在會中提出五項決議獲得大會通過。包括承認台灣為主權獨立國家,要求中國撤除飛彈、落實公平選制、實踐多元性別主流化、重新檢討TPP(跨太平洋戰略經濟夥伴關係協議)及歸還原住民族土地等五項決議文。 綠黨指出,多元性別主流化的決議,是亞太綠黨大會成立以來第一個關於多元性別的決議文,要求各國政府應實施在各個政策執行層面上,考慮多元性別群體的處境及需要;有關原住民決議,... Read more
Panel discussion at APGF congress (RNZ)
Johnny Blades, Radio New Zealand International The 3rd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Federation has heard how some governments in the region lack proactive policy to address the impacts of climate change. Climate change was top of the agenda at the congress which ran through the weekend in Wellington. It drew delegates from as far away as Iraq, Pakistan and Mongolia, to representatives from India, Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. The International Relations spokesperson for the... Read more
 Play  (Ogg  |  MP3,  3′ 27″ ), Radio New Zealand International Green ecological and political movements in the Asia/Pacific face a big challenge in trying to effect green-thinking, carbon-smart and climate resilient action at the policy level. TRANSCRIPT Governments in the Asia/Pacific have been sluggish or in denial about climate change impacts. That was a common theme at the 3rd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Federation at the weekend in Wellington. Climate change was top of the agenda... Read more
Australia has attributed its record temperatures in recent years to climate change. (Photo: AFP)
Demelza Leslie, Radio New Zealand News Politicians from the Asia-Pacific region have painted a stark picture of living with the effects of climate change. Green Party representatives from as far afield as Pakistan and Mongolia have given first-hand accounts of seeing millions of people displaced from flooding, devastating earthquakes, rising sea levels and droughts. The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation met in New Zealand for the first time at the weekend, bringing together politicians from 16... Read more
Radio New Zealand International The interim president of the Green Party of Solomon Islands says striking the right balance between economic development and protecting the natural environment is essential for developing countries. Ernest Kolly is one of two Solomon Islands delegates attending the 3rd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Confederation running through the weekend in Wellington. Climate change is top of the agenda at the congress which has drawn delegates from as far away as Iraq,... Read more
Andrew Kutapae of the Papua New Guinea Green movement. (Photo: RNZI)
Radio New Zealand International The 3rd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Federation has adopted a resolution on the West Papuan self-determination struggle. The congress was held at the weekend in Silverstream, near New Zealand's capital, and featured delegates from a range of countries including Iraq, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. The resolution, proposed by Greens delegates from PNG, Solomon Islands, New Zealand and Indonesia recognises and supports the human rights and self... Read more