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Summary of News items

Too often, the concerns of Pacific Island nations are jettisoned in favour of bigger nations’ interests. The Asia Pacific Greens congress aims to change that. We know that this is the critical decade. If we are going to constrain global warming to less than 2 degrees, let alone the 1.5 degrees being sought by the small island states and a number of leading scientists, we must take strong and urgent action to cut our emissions and break our addiction to coal. The transition to a renewable... Read more
BY KATIE - MYGREENPOD, 15 JUNE '15 GREEN PARTY REPS FROM BANGLADESH TO THE SOLOMON ISLANDS MEET TO DISCUSS CLIMATE CHANGE More than 130 representatives from Green parties in the Asia-Pacific met over the weekend (12-14 June) to address the implications of climate change across the region. Green parties from countries including Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Taiwan and New Zealand were represented at the ... Read more
By Isaac Davidson, New Zealand Herald Green parties from as far afield as Iraq and Mongolia have been comparing notes with their New Zealand counterparts at a rare gathering today. The Asia Pacific Greens Federation congress is being held in New Zealand for the first time, and has brought together Green politicians from 16 countries. The congress in Upper Hutt was focusing on the impacts of climate change on the Asia Pacific region. But it was also an opportunity for more established Green... Read more
Richard di Natale, Australian Greens Leader
Play (Ogg  |  MP3, 7′ 56″ ), Radio New Zealand National He's a former public health specialist, he's worked in Aboriginal health and is now the new leader of the Australian Green Party. Read more
Green Party co-leader, James Shaw. Photo / Getty Images
Green Party Co-leader James Shaw’s speech to the Asia-Pacific Green Federation Congress It was exactly two weeks ago today that I gave my first speech as Co-leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand. I deliberately made that speech about climate change - about the need to build common cause on climate change, about how it’s our responsibility as politicians to talk to each other, rather than past each other, to come together and take ambitious action on climate change. Because it’s too... Read more
By HAMISH RUTHERFORD, All new legislation would be subject to a "climate change test" if a Green Party bill is passed. New Green Party co-leader James Shaw announced a members bill on Sunday, which would require official documents assessing the impact of new legislation to include a section about the impact on the environment. The Climate Impact Disclosure Statement Bill will require all new legislation introduced to Parliament to be accompanied by a Climate Impact Disclosure... Read more
Greens co-leader James Shaw (File)
3News The Greens want all new laws to be subject to a "climate change test".  New Greens co-leader James Shaw says the party will put forward a members' bill to make it harder for governments to pass laws that are bad for the environment. He announced the move at the Federation of Asia-Pacific Green Parties Congress in Wellington on Sunday. The Climate Impact Disclosure Statement Bill will require all new legislation introduced to parliament to be accompanied by a climate impact disclosure... Read more
On behalf of the Partido Kalikasan (PK), we would like to extend our gratitude in being extended the opportunity to be part of this historic event - the convergence of different polarities of experiences in building an alternative ideological foundation for a better society, a Green party. Mabuhay po kayo! Indeed the realization of our environmentally motivated idealism has now been taking a real and tangible form. In retrospect, on November 2013, typhoon Haiyan devastated my country in the... Read more
Media Advisory: What: Asia Pacific Greens Federation 3rd Congress When: Friday 12 June – Sunday 14 June 2015  Where: Silverstream Retreat, 3 Reynolds Bach Drive, Lower Hutt Who: More than 130 representatives from Green parties in the Asia Pacific region Key events:   Regional climate change emissions report presented by Green MP Dr Kennedy Graham – Friday at 11am Leaders panel – Friday at 11.10am Keynote speech and policy proposal launch by Green Co-leader James Shaw – Sunday at 11.30am The... Read more
The Nepali Greens and Team for Nature & Wildlife (TNW) are partnering to provide those affected by the earthquake in Nepal with food, shelter, clothing, tents, drinking water and toilets.  Following the emergency relief the team with your support will buid an earthquake resistant homes and schools for communities damaged by the earthquake.  This is a call for donations. Read more
The UK election is over. The Green Party Korea expresses the deepest gratitude for the UK Green Party’s hard work as a member of the Global Greens. The interesting result of the election was reminiscent of Korean politics. Read more
James Shaw, NZ Greens MP
Despite all the rhetoric of ‘free trade’, historical evidence shows that deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) are designed to advance the interests of multinational companies above all else. The TPP is a multilateral trade agreement being negotiated between New Zealand and eleven other Pacific/Asian countries, including the United States. However, those negotiations are being conducted almost entirely in secret. Members of New Zealand’s right-wing National government have... Read more
Red rice paddy field, Japan
Greens Japan wants to see the TPP negotiations stopped and instead work towards a different structure for a more fair and eco-friendly Asia-Pacific region Read more
Dear Asia Pacific Greens friends and family, Thank you so much for your kind and great concern about the effects of the recent earthquake on Nepalese people. The Nepali Greens are working at the local level to help earthquake victims. Information received from our members and media report indicate that people are suffering from hunger. They do not have access to adequate, healthy and nutritious foods including clean drinking water. We fear that food deficiency could make them much more... Read more
Global Greens
The Global Greens are seeking a committed, capable and energetic person to be the new Coordinator of the Global Greens. The successful person will work collaboratively with Greens globally and play a central role in the development of the world’s most progressive political movement. The position is based in Brussels. Read more
Published in Agro Times We can see an immense number of youth in front of the Royal Palace museum every day.  Not to visit the museum but to apply for a passport at the passport division office, ministry of foreign affairs. I am sure, most of them deserves to get the job of their dream but due to the foolish government and their non-sense employment policy youth are in a burden to fly over the gulf countries and get themselves involved in whatever job they offer. With the number of workers... Read more
(AFP Photo / Unicef Pacific)
If we truly want to see the people of Vanuatu, the Philippines, and the rest of the Pacific live their lives without the constant fear and threat of climate change-related disasters, then we need to act. Read more
Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne has welcomed Australia's commitment of $5 million in aid and medical personnel for the island nation of Vanuatu in the wake of Cyclone Pam, but says regional disasters will get worse if more is not done to reduce the pollution that is causing global warming. "Our thoughts are with the people of Vanuatu and all those impacted by the ferocity of Cyclone Pam. I know that all Australians' hearts go out to all the victims, their families and those who have... Read more