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 total of $7.5bn has been pledged by the international community to the Green Climate Fund so far, with Sweden giving $580m. Photograph: AIRS/Aqua//NASA
Supporting developing countries, through the GCF, to help reduce their emissions is an essential step in international efforts to tackle climate change Read more
By: Kalpana Ambepitiya, Sri Lanka South Asia has been facing many social and economic problems in past few decades and also at present. There are eight countries in the South Asian region including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Afghanistan, all of whom base their economies on agricultural production. All of these countries aim to reach their developmental goal through minimising economic barriers. An appropriately planned economy is the key to a nation's... Read more
By: Robin Winkler, Green Party Taiwan On 29 November 2014, for the first time Green Party Taiwan (GPT) nominated candidates won their first electoral victories since the party was founded in 1996. The GPT now has 2 out of 906 seats in local assemblies and is currently actively preparing for the national parliamentary (Legislative Yuan) elections that will likely be held 16 January 2016. Taiwan's 2014 elections, referred to as "nine-in-one" elections for the nine categories of offices contested... Read more
Lim Mei Ming, Bandung | Opinion | The Jakarta Post Being a country endowed with rich biodiversity in the form of the second-largest tropical forest in the world after Brazil, Indonesia has unfortunately shown irresponsibility given its fast deforestation rate.Between 1990 and 2005, Indonesian forest degradation reached 28 million hectares (mha), including 21.7 mha of virgin forest. Worse, the country emits the third-highest level of greenhouse gases after the US and China, which is attributed... Read more
by Dafydd Fell, The China Policy Institute Blog On November 29 Taiwan will hold its Nine in One Local Elections. This refers to the nine different types of elections that range from special municipality mayors such as for Taipei City down to village and neighbourhood chiefs at the grassroots level. These elections are extremely important for a number of reasons. They are the first nation-wide elections held since the presidential and parliamentary elections of January 2012. Thus they can be... Read more
Today US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping have made joint announcements about commitments they make to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to cooperate in climate technologies.The Greens warmly welcome that the world's two biggest emitters commit to climate action and global agreement in Paris 2015. They also hope their announcements will spur further commitments from other major economies and give momentum to the process of negotiating the new global agreement in Paris... Read more
I have listened closely to the Prime Minister's statement this morning and to this debate over New Zealand's engagement towards the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). In my contribution I want to focus on the broader aspect of the ISIL situation, namely the international action there and New Zealand's policy on that. We note the Government's decision not to send SAS troops to Iraq and we support that, but in answering questions after his speech, the Prime Minister said his Government... Read more
Action everywhere! In September Greens joined people around the world mobilising to change the story on climate change while most governments continue recalcitrant. Plus good news from Sweden and election news from Brazil, New Zealand, Bolivia and Canada. Read more
Photo credit: Dinesh Panday/YPARD Nepal
In the absence of strong employment mechanism, Nepalese youths are under the state of limbo regarding the job opportunities whereabouts and whatabouts. Neither the government has a concrete plan & policy to stave off the challenges in coming days, as a result, about 1.5 thousand youths are flying abroad in search of job everyday. In this context, a group of youth has started “Youth Self-employment Campaign” to make young people skilful and Self-employed through Agricultural... Read more
"...New Zealand, he said, is determined to make a positive contribution, and, in particular, to represent the perspective of small States on the council. We agree, but such a contribution will need an aspirational world view of a kind that I doubt the Prime Minister can even appreciate just yet..." Read more
Workshops held by India's Uttarakhand Parivartan Party as part of the Global Greens climate campaign in September produced the 'Dehradun Resolution on Climate Change' appealing to the world's leadership to commit itself to climate change mitigation. Amongst other things the resolution says: the welfare of living beings has to be strengthened as part and parcel of the ecological system; there has to be a balance between consumption and production; it is very important not to haphazardly withdraw... Read more
The Australian Greens have employed innovative strategies to deliver concrete outcomes on climate change. The new challenge posed by Tony Abbott's ultra-conservative Liberal Party government is the latest opportunity to affirm the power of data-driven grassroots campaigning and smart negotiation in parliament. Read more
New Zealand has an opportunity to make a major contribution to the strengthening of international law and institutional capacity through its upcoming two-year tenure on the United Nations Security Council, Green Party spokesperson on global affairs, Dr Kennedy Graham said today. New Zealand has just been elected to one of the Security Council seats for the period 2015-16, winning 145 votes, well above what was needed. “Membership of the Security Council is good news for New Zealand and offers... Read more
Presented in Greens WA Conference, 28 September 2014 by: Khalisah Khalid WALHI – Indonesian for the Environment Forum Member of SHI - Indonesian Green Union Founder of Indonesian Green Party See article about this presentation at: MENGUMPULKAN SEMANGAT DAN SOLIDARITAS HIJAU, JAKARTA – PERTH A brief history of Green Indonesia: a personal account In 2003, WALHI (Friends of the Earth Indonesia), the largest environmental group in Indonesia set up a political wing to prepare the way for green... Read more