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Summary of News items

The Lima climate talks did not go far enough to engender confidence for an ambitious global pact in Paris, but it has pulled negotiations back from the brink of collapse.If this UN process is to change for the better, we must accept that two realities are being lived by rich and poor nations, and Australia must stop being miserly and obstructive.Developed countries want to focus on mitigation. The developing world, like our Pacific Island neighbours, are struggling with the impacts of ever... Read more
Senator Waters with climate guardian angels
While Australia’s conservative, anti-science Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, fought to keep climate change off the agenda at the G20, world leaders and the community made sure it was a focus. According to our climate denialist Prime Minister, climate change is apparently not an economic issue. This is of course despite the facts that climate change will have a major impact on food security and human health and will risk entire nations through sea level rise. Many of the world’s major economies... Read more
The Greens/EFA group's Terhi Lehtonen, Advisor on Environmental Issues, gives her 4th briefing from COP20, (See: briefing One, Two, Three & Four).  Read more blogs about the climate negotiations at:   The negotiations on the draft COP decision covering the scope, upfront information and assessment process of INDCs (intended nationally determined contributions)  for the Paris agreement grinded to crawl speed if not to a halt. The G77 /China spent most of the... Read more
The Greens/EFA group's Terhi Lehtonen, Advisor on Environmental Issues, gives her 4th briefing from COP20, (See: briefing One, Two & Three).  Read more blogs about the climate negotiations at:  Rather an uninspiring day at the negotiations, a lot of talk and little agreement. Below some notes from the COM daily briefing to EP at 17h30, from the  Green breakfast and briefing by Climate Action Network Europe Director Wendel Trio, complemented by some... Read more
The Greens/EFA group's Terhi Lehtonen, Advisor on Environmental Issues, gives her 3rd briefing from COP20, (briefing One & Two).  Read more blogs about the climate negotiations at:  While the texts under negotiations for the outcomes here in Lima seem to be rather out of touch with reality of the climate emergency, there are some positives. The latest science and the IPCC 5th assessment report have begun to sink in, and while just two years ago even in the... Read more
Watch the Greens leaders' media conferenceheld in Lima on Wednesday 10 December. Plus a big thankyou to everyone who donated to send Global Greens Executive Secretary Veronica Juzgado to Lima. Read more
The principle that life matters more than money should prevail in the UNFCCC COP 20 in Peru! Life is more essential! Let us pay for the cost of carbon emission reduction! We call for South Korea’s Park administration to abandon its plan to increase nuclear power and kick off an effort to cut back carbon emission on a full scale. The 20th meeting of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 20) has convened since December 1 in Lima, Peru. The Earth’s average... Read more
We are already on the 5th day of the Summit. Until now only technical decisions have been taken, like the election of the COP20 President (Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Peru’s Environment Minister), the adoption of the agenda and the acceptance of observer organizations. This week, the Summit is of an essentially technical nature. Most political leaders have not arrived yet in spite of the glamorous and dramatic opening of the Summit and most media are therefore waiting until next week to focus on the... Read more
UN COP20 logo
The 20th meeting of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP20) in Lima, Peru, has to demonstrate that governments have the will to reach an ambitious, fair and legally binding agreement in Paris in December 2015, according to the Global Greens. Read more
  Date & Time Time Event Description  Location 5-7 December See program agenda in English & Español FPVA General Assembly meeting “Oportunidades ante la COP20: Eficiencia, Cooperación y Nuevas Inversiones."  Suites Antique Apart Hotel en el distrito de San Isidro, Lima. (Av. Dos de Mayo 954)  8 December 11am - 1pm Greens Meeting Point Meet fellow Global Greens for continuous networking, friendship builidng and information sharing throughout COP20.   Zone B, at the tables... Read more
It’s one year before the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris. It’s high time to step up our efforts to reinvigorate our fight against climate change. As decided at the EGP Council in Istanbul, we’ll run a green climate campaign in 2015 together with our Member Parties and partners on the European and global level. This week – one year before Paris 2015 – we‘ll warm up with an online campaign on green cities. On our website andFacebook page we’ll feature ambitious local climate and energy initiatives... Read more
Green Party Taiwan 2014 Candidates
Green Party Taiwan wins two city council seats! Hao-yu WANG (王浩宇) of Chungli city and Jay CHOU (周江杰) of Hsinchu county (竹東,五峰) have both been elected as city councillors! Winning these two seats were not easy. A big thank you to Green Party Taiwan supporters! Read more
That's what MEPs called for today in the run up to international climate negotiations in Lima starting next week (COP20). We must have an ambitious, binding international climate agreement that abides by the scientific evidence on what is necessary to limit warming to 2°C.  We will be reporting back form COP20 with updates on our blog & at  And you can find our demands for COP20 in Lima here
UN climate talks (COP20 in Lima) - Plenary debate - vote Wednesday 26th November 2014 With this year's UN climate summit just around the corner, MEPs adopted a resolution Wednesday focusing on the EU's position. As the recent US-China deal again confirmed, the EU risks getting left behind in the UN climate talks, as a result of its intransigence on its climate policies. The Greens supported the call to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050 but believe the EU needs to be much more ambitious as... Read more
 total of $7.5bn has been pledged by the international community to the Green Climate Fund so far, with Sweden giving $580m. Photograph: AIRS/Aqua//NASA
Supporting developing countries, through the GCF, to help reduce their emissions is an essential step in international efforts to tackle climate change Read more
By: Kalpana Ambepitiya, Sri Lanka South Asia has been facing many social and economic problems in past few decades and also at present. There are eight countries in the South Asian region including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Afghanistan, all of whom base their economies on agricultural production. All of these countries aim to reach their developmental goal through minimising economic barriers. An appropriately planned economy is the key to a nation's... Read more
By: Robin Winkler, Green Party Taiwan On 29 November 2014, for the first time Green Party Taiwan (GPT) nominated candidates won their first electoral victories since the party was founded in 1996. The GPT now has 2 out of 906 seats in local assemblies and is currently actively preparing for the national parliamentary (Legislative Yuan) elections that will likely be held 16 January 2016. Taiwan's 2014 elections, referred to as "nine-in-one" elections for the nine categories of offices contested... Read more
Lim Mei Ming, Bandung | Opinion | The Jakarta Post Being a country endowed with rich biodiversity in the form of the second-largest tropical forest in the world after Brazil, Indonesia has unfortunately shown irresponsibility given its fast deforestation rate.Between 1990 and 2005, Indonesian forest degradation reached 28 million hectares (mha), including 21.7 mha of virgin forest. Worse, the country emits the third-highest level of greenhouse gases after the US and China, which is attributed... Read more
by Dafydd Fell, The China Policy Institute Blog On November 29 Taiwan will hold its Nine in One Local Elections. This refers to the nine different types of elections that range from special municipality mayors such as for Taipei City down to village and neighbourhood chiefs at the grassroots level. These elections are extremely important for a number of reasons. They are the first nation-wide elections held since the presidential and parliamentary elections of January 2012. Thus they can be... Read more
Today US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping have made joint announcements about commitments they make to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to cooperate in climate technologies.The Greens warmly welcome that the world's two biggest emitters commit to climate action and global agreement in Paris 2015. They also hope their announcements will spur further commitments from other major economies and give momentum to the process of negotiating the new global agreement in Paris... Read more