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The leader of the Australian Greens and climate champion, Senator Christine Milne, invites supporters to join the worldwide People’s Climate March this weekend. Millions of people will march around the world to pressure politicians meeting in New York to fight global warming before it’s too late. Read her inspiring letter and attend a People’s Climate event near you - worldwide! Read more
Before corporate and governmental leaders arrive in New York City this September 21 for the UN Climate Summit, the Green Party of the United States together with the System Change Not Climate Change and the Global Climate Convergence will be laying the groundwork for an alternative summit, what we're calling New York City Climate Convergence.Our objective is to build and strengthen an environmental movement that addresses the root causes of the climate crises; a social-economic system that... Read more
Greens/EFA motion for resolution Tabled by Ulrike Lunacek, Tamás Meszerics, Molly Scott Cato, Michèle Rivasi, Barbara Lochbihler on behalf of the Greens/EFA Group for a debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law  The European Parliament, having regard to its previous resolutions on the situation in Azerbaijan with regard, in particular, to the recommendation of 18 April 2012 to the Council, the Commission and the EEAS on the negotiations of the EU-Azerbaijan... Read more
image credit: Human Rights Watch
Greens/EFA motion for resolution Tabled by Jean Lambert, Barbara Lochbihler on behalf of the Greens/EFA Group for a debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law The European Parliament, – having regard to its previous resolutions on Bangladesh, – having regard to the Cooperation Agreement between the European Community and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on Partnership and Development, - having regard to Art. 33 and 35 of the Constitution of Bangladesh which... Read more
The changing terrain of the profession in the era of climate change. New jobs will be created in the field of greenhouse gas reduction and climate change adaptation. Emerging energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce carbon dioxide, is also becoming a promising safety areas to prepare for disaster. Is becoming important to sustainably use water, food and energy worldwide, while severe droughts, floods, hurricanes, cold, heavy snow due to climate change. 54 kinds of promising job <... Read more
By Dafydd Fell, Taipei Times Over the past decade, a key trend in East Asian public opinion polls has been a lack of trust in political parties. This is seen not only in Taiwan, but also in South Korea and Japan. One of the root causes of the growing number of social movements, such as the student-led Sunflower movement, is the alienation of young voters by mainstream politics. Yet the unpopular mainstream parties have only grown more dominant in East Asian political systems as the space for... Read more
Charged up by activists mobilizing for the UN Climate Summit in New York next week, we delved into our carbon Footprint data to see if we could shed light on the very intractable debates swirling around nations’ responsibilities for reducing emissions.  In the first graph below, our intrepid research analyst David Zimmerman found while EU countries toot their horns about declining emissions (as represented by the blue line below), the picture is not so simple.   Here’s what David discovered... Read more
Fifteen years ago my wife and I bought our farm, “Faraway”, on the south coast of Western Australia. It’s a beautiful area and an ark of biological diversity. For example, about seventy percent of Australia’s wildflower species are native to the region. When we built our house in 2008, we were committed to building a home in which we could live sustainably. At the same time, we didn’t want to do without any of the comforts of modern living. We have 90 acres in a valley, on the edge of a... Read more
By Justin Fillis, New York Times Runaway growth in the emission of greenhouse gases is swamping all political efforts to deal with the problem, raising the risk of “severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts” over the coming decades, according to a draft of a major new United Nations report. Global warming is already cutting grain production by several percentage points, the report found, and that could grow much worse if emissions continue unchecked. Higher seas, devastating heat waves,... Read more
The Green Party has today launched a $30 million plan to boost New Zealand’s ICT sector, create jobs and drive innovation. The ICT (Information Communications and Technology) plan is the seventh component of the Green Party's economic priority this election - building a cleaner, smarter economy that works for all New Zealanders. Key planks of the Green Party plan are: The establishment of a Game Development Fund, starting at $1 million and increasing to $5 million by 2017 to support more game... Read more
The Green Party will invest half a billion dollars over five years upgrading Wellington’s public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure. The policy is part of the Green Party’s vision for a vibrant, people-friendly Wellington with carbon-free public transport, and part of the Party’s broader plan for a cleaner, smarter New Zealand. The Fast Tracking Wellington plan includes: A modern light rail network from the railway station to Newtown and Kilbirnie at a cost of $450 million, with... Read more
A brief description of the projectThis project is intended to help the public, government and political forces reach a common understanding of the legal, financial, and infrastructural issues that need adressing;including:Home fire heating resulting in imprisonments in Ulaanbaatar,Technology transfer through a project financed by the German Government through a "Reconstruction Bank" leading to the most prominent long term soft loan,Untimely budget repayments pressures,Today, almost 200 thousand... Read more
Greens PH (Partido Kalikasan)'s Village-level Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (VDRRM) program highlights the low levels of public participation and familiarity with the Philippine's Disaster Risk and Reduction Management (DRRM) law.  Moreover, Greens PH's National Chairperson, Kiko C. Labro, concludes that the national government's inability to provide the necessary logistics and support system during natural calamities worsens the effects of the climate change on the Philippines. The... Read more