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Committees & Networks

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Management Administration Committee (APGF MAC)

  • Responsible for implementing the decisions of Council that relate to operational management and administration between Council meetings
  • APGF Councillors and Office Bearer members only
  • Convenor: APGF Convenor Penelope Allman Payne

Membership Committee (APGF-MP)

  • Consider membership applications and conduct reviews of current membership status. 
  • APGF Full Member Group members only. 
  •  Convener: Bob Hale (Australian Greens Party)  

APGF Young Greens Organising Committee (APGF-YG) 

  • Develop the Asia Pacific Young Greens Network (APYGN) 
  • GYG AP Steering Committee Members, APGCC members under 35, other as approved.
  • Janmejai & Snigdha Tiwari (UKPP India Party), Riwa Ghawi (Green Party of Lebanon)
 APGF Women's Network (APGFWN)
  • Develop the Asia Pacific Green Federation Women's Network, improve opportunities for women, and gender balance within our member parties
  • APGFWN Secretary: Rachana Shrestha (Nepali Green Party)