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APGF Green Party Presentations

19 August, 2016
During the APGF's 2016 Study Tour in Sydney, Australia, each APGF member-party provides a 15- 20 minute presentation on their party, the country and its socio-political and economic environment followed by 10 minute Q&A session. The objective was to adapt learnings for use in our own countries and to share experiences so as other members of the Study Tour would learn from what other parties... more

30 Years Since Chernobyl, 5 Years Since Fukushima

11 March, 2016
30 years after Chernobyl and 5 years after Fukushima, we have not forgotten about the tragedy caused by these two nuclear accidents. The Green Party of Japan, along with Green Parties around the world, will continue to work towards a nuclear-free and peaceful future.

Greens Japan declaration on the relaunch of the Sendai Nuclear Plant

25 August, 2015
, Protest against reopening the Sendai NPP
Greens Japan formal declaration on the occasion of the relaunch of the Sendai Nuclear Plant: Our appeal for an end to a demonstrably irresponsible way of generating energy. August 11th,2015 Executive Committee of Greens Japan, As of the 11th of August, the Sendai Nuclear Plant number one reactor will be recommissioned as an active nuclear generator. This will be the first incidence of this... more

【臨時総会決議】 安保関連法案の廃案に全力を尽くし、「安倍政治」を終わらせよう

27 July, 2015
2015/07/28 臨時総会決議  戦後70年目となるこの夏、安倍政権と安保法制によって戦後政治が大きな岐路に立たされている中で、緑の党は、7月25日から26日にかけて、連日国会包囲行動が取り組まれている東京において臨時総会を開催しました。  この総会では、来年の参院選方針や掲げるべき重点政策などを議論するとともに、各地の活動の情報や経験も報告・共有されました。そうした議論や意見交換の中で、全国各地で多様な層や人々の中から安保法制や安倍政権に反対する声が高まり、それが互いに共感し合いながら大きく拡がっていること、その中で、私たち緑の党も他の政治勢力や市民とともにいっそう力を尽くしていく必要性を確信しました。  また、安倍政権による集団的自衛権行使容認・安保法制の強行は、「本土」の政治が沖縄に痛みと犠牲を押しつけている沖縄基地問題や、... more

Greens Japan: stop TPP negotiations

5 May, 2015
Red rice paddy field, Japan
Greens Japan wants to see the TPP negotiations stopped and instead work towards a different structure for a more fair and eco-friendly Asia-Pacific region

Green Parties call for a nuclear free region on anniversary of Fukushima

10 March, 2015
March 11, 2015 marks the 4th year anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The Asia Pacific Greens are calling for governments to commit to a nuclear free world and to move to clean equitable renewable energy solutions.

Islands Belong To Sea Not People:Japan X Taiwan Discussion

2 September, 2014
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A discussion among youth between the Green parties of Taiwan and Japan Hasegawa Uigo, 中翻英: 張菀渝 7/26, a talk session event "Islands belong to sea not people" was held in Kyoto. This is a talk between the young's of Green Party Taiwan and Green Party Japan. With the participation of about 80 people, it was a great success event. The panelist of Taiwan and Japan introduced their activities and... more

PM of Japan during Fukushima nuclear meltdown: Lessons Learned

26 August, 2014
Wednesday 27th August / posted by Elizabeth PO’ Adrian Glamorgan UNDERSTOREY: FACING THE FALLOUT It’s three years since Fukushima blew up and melted down. The prime minister of Japan in those days chose a hard path, a leader’s path, to save a third of his country from further devastation, choosing to fly directly to the disastrous nuclear power plant. While WA’s push to open uranium mines looks... more

Yes to 30% emission reduction - No to nukes

24 August, 2014
This article was first published for the COP 15 Global Climate Campaign, and is being republished to emphasize the continued need for climate action as we approach the COP 20 meeting in Lima, Peru this December 1-12, 2014. To express support for the success of COP meeting, Greens Japan held seminars, events, and parades in 23 locations in Japan(see map below) to call on the Japanese government to... more


21 August, 2014

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation calls upon the Japanese Government to uphold Article 9

28 July, 2014
On July 1, 2014, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet reinterpreted the constitution's Article 9 "peace clause" contrary to it's original intent and empowered Japan's military to take belligerent action against other countries, increasing Japan’s risk of bloody conflict in the future. The government's decision to embrace violence has already begotten violence: in protest to the Article 9... more

Japan Cabinet reinterprets Article 9

30 June, 2014
Greens Japan Steering Committee, 2014/07/01  Japan Cabinet resolution to allow the use collective defense is a de facto “self-coup”:   Abe administration has lost its legitimacy and needs to resign On July 1st, Abe administration made a cabinet decision to allow Japanese Self Defense Force to take some actions followed by right of collective self-defense and revealed its decision at press... more