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All News for Mongolian Green Party

APGF Green Party Presentations

19 August, 2016
During the APGF's 2016 Study Tour in Sydney, Australia, each APGF member-party provides a 15- 20 minute presentation on their party, the country and its socio-political and economic environment followed by 10 minute Q&A session. The objective was to adapt learnings for use in our own countries and to share experiences so as other members of the Study Tour would learn from what other parties... more

Making Connections: the Asia Pacific Greens Election Study Tour to Australia

10 June, 2016
Visit with NSW MP Jenny Leong, Protestors Falls, Grayndler office, APGF Women with Candidate Dawn Walker, APG delegates in NSW Parliament House with Senator Mehreen Faruqui discuss the role of women in parliament., NSW Parlaiment House seats, NSW Parlaiment House steps
There's nothing quite like getting together with Greens from 11 different countries across the Asia Pacific region to remind you that you're part of a global movement. During May, 22 delegates from Green parties across Asia Pacific spent 10 days in Sydney and the sub-tropical north of the state of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The delegates were learning first hand from the Australian and NSW... more

Green Parties call for a nuclear free region on anniversary of Fukushima

10 March, 2015
March 11, 2015 marks the 4th year anniversary of the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The Asia Pacific Greens are calling for governments to commit to a nuclear free world and to move to clean equitable renewable energy solutions.

Reduce urban air pollution 3 to 5 times a year

8 September, 2014
A brief description of the projectThis project is intended to help the public, government and political forces reach a common understanding of the legal, financial, and infrastructural issues that need adressing;including:Home fire heating resulting in imprisonments in Ulaanbaatar,Technology transfer through a project financed by the German Government through a "Reconstruction Bank" leading to... more

Fukushima two years on - APGN Statement

11 March, 2013
The global impact of the Fukushima disaster highlights the responsibility of all nations to ensure the safety of citizens and protect our planet for future generations. We are all implicated in the nuclear supply chain, whether that be through uranium mining, refining, power generation, radioactive waste, nuclear weapons, or through complicity by not discouraging the practice of our trading... more

Mongolian Green Party's Fukushima Anniversary Statement

11 March, 2013
Mongolian Green Party's Fukushima Anniversary StatementMarch 11, 2011: this date would be remembered by people around the whole world.  At this day Fukushima show us again, that as the harmless advertised nuclear power station and nuclear energy could bring the global nuclear disaster. The earthquake and tsunami did not directly break-up the nuclear power plant, but the break-down of electricity... more

Mongolian Green Movement Statement: "We are very proud of Dr.Norman"

20 June, 2010
Dear Greens Dear Dr. Norman from NZ Greens, Dear Senator Bob Brown, Dear APGN-Greens! We, the Mongolian Green movement, are very shocked by seeing of all this pictures!  We are 100% agree with Senator Brown and want to express our opinion the same way: "Wellington is not Lhasa!".  I got a very similar feeling here in Mongolia because of China's state policy, especially because of the Mining... more

Global Greens mourn Floribert Chebeya: Mongolian Green Movement Statement

20 June, 2010
Dear Global Green Friends and Dear APGN Greens! We send our deep condolences and sympathy to Mr Chebeya's family and friends! For all his Humanity and all his Charity he will stay in our hearts forever! We, the Mongolian Greens, the Mongolian Green Movement, are very sad and angry to hear about this criminal Step of Congo's government to kill the Human right Activist Mr Floribert Chebea!... more

[Statement: Mongolian GP] Condemns Israel's attack on aid convoy

3 June, 2010
The Mongolian Green Party joins the Statement of GGC condemning the attack on the convoy taking humanitarian aid to Gaza. The Mongolian Greens emphasize the urgent importance of on independent international investigation into this tradegy in order to determine the appropriateness of the force used and to call for accountability of any action. more


18 March, 2010
2月8、9號在烏蘭巴托市舉行的蒙古經濟會議演講演講內容,在此簡略向大家報告一下(資料來源:TV5、SBN、TM、蒙古國家電視台之直播)   國會議員,綠黨黨主席D.ENKHBAT:「全球暖化是蒙古能否生存下去的考驗」 不是自然生態毀滅之後該怎麼辦,而是討論如何阻止毀滅的影響力是這次會議的一個特色。全球暖化這名詞,乍看之下是世界變得更溫暖,但是在全球暖化的背後隱藏著諸多自然災害,大家並不盡然全面了解。地球的暖化速度以每年0.7度上升中,而蒙古則以每年2.1度上升中。這就表示,我國是全球暖化過程當中,承受最大危害的國家。甚至我們將來可能面臨整體社會能否繼續存活下去的危機。為了挽救自然生態衰退,不但全球都得一同同心協力,蒙古自己更要做出改變。這不是時間的問題,而是牽涉到國家安全的嚴重問題。因此,趁滅亡之前,在經濟會議上我們慎重討論了如何趕快預先採取防禦政策,拯救大自然。... more

Enkhbat, Member of Great Khural: Not The Time For Corrupted Government Responsible For Uranium Business

31 December, 2009
Enkhbat, Member of Great Khural: Not The Time For Corrupted Government Responsible For Uranium Business Published: JUNE 29, 2009 by ARSLAN   Leader of just society front Website (Translated by Uyanga)   Our country stands up 15th in the world by its nuclear power raw material with 63000 tons of uranium recourse. Before 1990, geologists estimated that Mongolia could have 120000  ... more