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Scandal in South Korea Over Nuclear Revelations

30 August, 2013
A nuclear plant being constructed in Ulsan, South Korea. Questionable components are installed in 14 of its 23 nuclear plants.
By CHOE SANG-HUN, The New York Times SEOUL, South Korea — Like Japan, resource-poor South Korea has long relied on nuclear power to provide the cheap electricity that helped build its miracle economy. For years, it met one-third of its electricity needs with nuclear power, similar to Japan’s level of dependence before the 2011 disaster at its Fukushima plant. Now, a snowballing scandal in South... more

Call for Dialogue on Korean Peninsula Peace

16 April, 2013
Call for dialogue among countries participating in the escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula.The Green Parties of South Korea, Taiwan and Japan call for unconditional dialogue among countries responsable for the escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula, in recognition that war has devastating impacts for all earthly inhabitants, and that nonviolence and sustainability are core values... more

Korean Greens vote with sortition democracy

20 March, 2013
Dear Greens,I am very happy to inform all of you that Korean Greens finished its 1st representative congress successfully last 16th March 2013. This congress has been done based on 100% sortition democracy principle, which was the first-ever try in Korean political history. We GPK made our 134 representatives by sortition with consideration of locality, gender and age. We also procured the 10%... more

Fukushima two years on - APGN Statement

11 March, 2013
The global impact of the Fukushima disaster highlights the responsibility of all nations to ensure the safety of citizens and protect our planet for future generations. We are all implicated in the nuclear supply chain, whether that be through uranium mining, refining, power generation, radioactive waste, nuclear weapons, or through complicity by not discouraging the practice of our trading... more

Green Party Korea Fukushima Anniversary Statement

11 March, 2013
10 achievements of South Korean anti-nuclear movement after Fukushima disasterAfter Fukushima disaster, human being became confident that 'nuclear energy' must not be an option we choose. Since the disaster, there have been very strong and various anti-nuclear activities in Korean civil society. On the 2nd anniversary of Fukushima, We, Green Party of Korea lists 10 main achievements of those... more

Green Party Korea's response to COP18

10 February, 2013
Accelerating Climate Change, Backing COP181. Kyoto Protocol has been weakenedAt COP18, Japan, Russia, Canada and NZ got our of line, which left Kyoto Protocol far more weak one so that it would take only 15% of Greenhouse Gas emission. While the harms of Climate Change are getting worse, our tool to prevent it is getting more weak.2. Just promise without practiceNo concrete agreement has been... more

Petition for NO Naval Base in Jeju, South Korea

25 July, 2012
Dear all,I posted last week about International Action Week for No Naval Base. Green Party and Civil society of South Korea are fighting against Government decision for establishing naval base within Gangjeong village of Jeju island, located in southern end of Korean peninsula which is very important place in terms of Environment and global peace. (You can find out more : more

South Korea legislates emissions trading scheme

5 May, 2012
Global action to tackle the climate crisis has taken another important step forwards with South Korea’s legislation overnight to establish an emissions trading scheme similar to Australia’s, the Greens said today. “When a developing country manufacturing powerhouse like South Korea embraces emissions trading because it respects the climate science, it’s time for the naysayers in Australia to take... more

Overcoming Fukushima’s Nuclear Crisis - Creating Nuclear Power Free Asia Pacific region

4 July, 2011
30th June 2011, Seoul, South Korea- Several months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, we are beginning to get a sense of the likely long-term impacts. Radiation has spread across much of the northern hemisphere and parts of the southern hemisphere. Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency estimates the radioactive release at 770,000 terabecquerels in the first week of the crisis. Total... more

[Statement: Korea Greens]: condemns Israeli attack on aid convey to Gaza

3 June, 2010
We, Korea Greens, also confirm to sign on the statement condemning the attack on the humanitarian aids convoy to GAZA. Inwhan JUNG, representing the KOREA GREENS 7 June, 2010.   more

More than a hundred villagers protesting peacefully are injured by police assault in India & South Korea

27 May, 2010
Greetings from the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)! I am writing to you to share our appeal for police attack on tribes protesting against POSCO (multinational Korean steel company) steel plant project which will clean forest and their land where thousands of tribes have been living in generations.  The police fired indifferently at protests including women and elders using shotguns and... more