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All News for Sarekat Hijau Indonesia

Strengthening Political Participation of Women in Indonesia: Challenges and Opportunities

24 February, 2016
Indonesia Green Union conducts green political schools to educate women at the village, district, town and province levels so that they will be ready to participate in Indonesia's legislative elections in 2019.

Indonesia Green Union's Assessment of COP21 Climate Agreement

14 December, 2015
Paris, 30th November-12 December 2015 By: Ade Indriani Zuchri, General Secretary Indonesia Green Union   COP 21 has just ended; there will be no more long debate, serious situation, disappointed gimmick, and high tense atmosphere. What can we pick from the biggest event, which was participated by 195 countries in Paris? A legal agreement in which all of participated countries should keep the... more

Domestic Workers and Climate Change

8 December, 2015
The main problems that drag women to become workers abroad, especially as domestic workers, are due to limited living space caused by massive expansion of big plantations, such as palm, pulp paper, or any other big investment. ... For the sake of economic growth, local communities are imposed upon to follow the capital owner's homogenisation of commodities such as agricultural conversation to... more

Strengthening Local Community Initiatives to Oppose Exploitation of Natural Resources and Loss of Local Livelihoods

4 December, 2015
By: Green Union Indonesia (Sarekat Hijau Indonesia) Indonesia has all the prerequisites to be a rich nation, with extensive natural resources such as minerals, coal, forests, ocean and coastal assets, farm land and plantations which are the lifeblood of local communities and the source of prosperity of its people. Prior to large scale investment and the opening up of access to Indonesia’s natural... more

Capturing The Spirit of Wellington’s Greens Wind

26 June, 2015
Windy Wellington, Indonesia supports Greens Japan, Indonesia and Australia, Climate Justice is #worthsaving
In an effort to tackle climate change and to improve the conditions of political leadership in Indonesia that is still far from green values, the existence of a Green Party Indonesia has become urgent. In many cases, the oligarchy of current political parties still obstructs the leadership of the good people and the work of Greens in Indonesia. Thus, there is no other choice but to build the... more

Business as usual to protect forests

26 November, 2014
Lim Mei Ming, Bandung | Opinion | The Jakarta Post Being a country endowed with rich biodiversity in the form of the second-largest tropical forest in the world after Brazil, Indonesia has unfortunately shown irresponsibility given its fast deforestation rate.Between 1990 and 2005, Indonesian forest degradation reached 28 million hectares (mha), including 21.7 mha of virgin forest. Worse, the... more

Women and Politics in Indonesia

8 October, 2014
Presented in Greens WA Conference, 28 September 2014 by: Khalisah Khalid WALHI – Indonesian for the Environment Forum Member of SHI - Indonesian Green Union Founder of Indonesian Green Party See article about this presentation at: MENGUMPULKAN SEMANGAT DAN SOLIDARITAS HIJAU, JAKARTA – PERTH A brief history of Green Indonesia: a personal account In 2003, WALHI (Friends of the Earth Indonesia... more

Indonesia Green Union (SHI): green river program

21 August, 2014
MUSI GREEN  For the Life of the People and Government Net    By: Koesnadi Wirasapoetra    Indonesia Green Union (SHI)  is pushing green river program - for 3 years, the SHI board at the base village, sub-district and district monitoring rivers that exist in the working area, such as South Sumatra (Musi river), West Java (Citarum and Ciliwung), Central Kalimantan (Kapuas and Kahayan). This... more

Indonesia Green Politics Student Recommendation

4 June, 2014
In the New Government of the Republic of Indonesia Period 2014 - 2019 Our Green Indonesian Students from Palembang, Jambi, Riau, Bengkulu, Medan and Lampung gathered consolidating the green movement on December 2 s / d June 4, 2014 at Cadika Campgrounds Palembang in South Sumatra, in an effort to strengthen the position of the green movement in Indonesian politics make recommendations to the... more

Most Indonesian Legislative Candidates Ignore Environmental Issues

10 March, 2014
An aerial view of the environmental damage caused by tin mining in Indonesia's Bangka Belitung province. Photograph: Stringer/Indonesia/Reuters
Nurfika Osman, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | National | Fri, March 07 2014, 10:09 AM Environmental damage and deforestation will continue to blight the country as policymakers are blind to — and refrain from including — environmental pledges in their political agendas, a survey said. An Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) Institute survey showed that only 7 percent of 6,561 ... more

Indonesia's Election and Environmental Political Agenda

28 February, 2014
By: Khalisah Khalid, WALHI Although not expected, the result has indeed been predictable. Out of the total House of Representatives candidates, less than 7 percent have the required capacity, leadership, commitment, and integrity on environmental and human rights issues. Political parties similarly still perceive environmental issues on the superficial level, without understanding that the roots... more

Indonesian indigenous groups fight climate change with GPS mapping

8 January, 2014
Indigenous communities in Indonesia are using GPS technology to demarcate the boundaries of their ancestral lands. Photograph: Alam
Tribal rights advocates and rainforest defenders are using community mapmaking to protect ancestral land

Australian Greens on Indonesian suspension of cooperation

21 November, 2013
The Australian Greens are deeply concerned about implications of the diplomatic crisis that continues with Indonesia."I am deeply disappointed and alarmed at the rate of deterioration in the relationship between Indonesia and Australia," Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said."Australia and Indonesia should be building and deepening our friendship but instead Tony Abbott has allowed his... more

Celebrating The Indonesia Green Party's (Sarekat Hijau Indonesia) inauguration!

5 June, 2012
The Asia Pacific Greens Network celebrates The Indonesia Green Party's (Sarekat Hijau Indonesia) inauguration on June 5, 2012 in Bandung, Indonesia!The Indonesia Green Party joins the world’s fastest growing political family - the Greens - and as an official member of the Global Greens and Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN) The Indonesia Green Party is founded on the principles of: Social justice... more

SHI statement at Global Greens 3rd Congress 2012

19 April, 2012
Good morning my Greens colleagues, ladies and gentlemen. It has been a great privilege for me to be with you here in the land of Africa. Listening to your speech and sharing, such as from Dorothy Tekwie of Papua New Guinea and Ma of Nigeria, being women leaders in male-dominated environment, very much remind me of our struggle in Indonesia. We have come along way to assert equality. Indonesia has... more


25 October, 2011
Australian Greens Senator and spokesperson on West Papua, Richard Di Natale, is calling on the Australian government to suspend military cooperation with Indonesia.Last night the Indonesian military (TNI) opened fire on the third West Papuan People’s Congress, arrested community leaders and hundreds more. There are reports from a single witness of nine delegates shot while trying to flee.“This is... more