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A dialogue with the Greens working in different parts of India and elsewhere over the years preceding 2017 has resulted in the foundation of the INDIA GREENS, a political party with a pan-India perspective and a commitment towards the Global Greens’ Canberra Charter or simply Global Greens Charter. This has always been felt that there was a great need to have a national Green party as Green actions in the forms of Movements and Politics were urgently called for to deal with the burning ecological issues. To do so, it was important to bring the Green vision, mission, voices and thoughts together -- to support the ongoing Green Movements and build such new Movements and create conditions for Green Politics in the country.

To deliver these desired goals, we have created the INDIA GREENS to make India Green, to establish Green Politics and to create possibilities for Green future! It was also felt that the existing political parties in the country have done and continue to do nothing to address the vital issues related to: ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, non-violence, participatory democracy and respect for diversity. Most of these run-of-the-mill parties appear to have unanimously signed up to a non-Green
growth model that has progressively undermined and destroyed the livelihoods of several communities. Also, there is a yawning gap between the vision of the future
that the Governments in the country have – a vision of unending economic growth which India has signed up to – and the realities faced by the majority, who are
dependent upon natural-resource bases. This lack of realism is enough to bring us together to bring in a paradigm shift and create conditions for Green Politics through
INDIA GREENS so that those who depend on the land or the forest, on the rains and the rivers, or on the price of food and fuel for their needs have their rights in place for a just, sustainable and decentralised society with a political-economic model that fits within the Green Philosophy.

Let us also reinforce the commitment further and demonstrate that a radical transformation towards a just and sustainable society with a Green Philosophy and Green Politics is possible! It is also to be noted that the global societies are now coming nearer to each other due to diverse factors. Regressive tendencies like lop-sided globalisation, liberalisation and commercialisation have forced the people, not only at the level of state and country but globally also, to take a united stand. Political parties and organisations have an important role in this regard.

Therefore, for political survival and vibrancy, political parties need to collate with like-minded national and global groupings of political forces. Only with such
groupings, battles could be won at different levels.

The first national meeting in New Delhi on 2nd of July 2017 to form a new Green party with a pan-India perspective unanimously formed the INDIA
GREENS with a deep commitment and adherence to the Global Greens Charter. Henceforth, the Party shall be known as INDIA GREENS and in short IG.

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