Clean Energy and Fair Share

The industrial revolution has led to the depletion of human civilization within the hydrocarbon reserves of the earth is very short compared to the time it takes the Earth to the fossil hoard. Revolution also encouraging globalization colonization mankind above other human beings, gave birth to the earth irony where the backup is stored not necessarily be able to guarantee the welfare of human beings who live on it.

Indonesia is one example of a country rich in hydrocarbon reserves are not able to improve the life of people, due to mismanagement and partisanship of the financiers and the ruling elite. At the beginning of the 21st century, people are forced to accept the fact that the capacity of hydrocarbon-based energy sources / fossil is limited and not sufficient to meet humanity's dependence on product output. Shrinking resources widen the gap between those who can and are not able to access and process hydrocarbon resources.

Hydrocarbon resource extraction also rarely take place without conflict with local people who are vulnerable. In turn control over sources of hydrocarbon reserves, which lasted for only perpetuate new forms of colonialism. To ensure the survival of the human resources of hydrocarbon-based energy should be abandoned and a shift towards a zero carbon civilization. The existence of a clean energy future must ensure the old patterns that colonize in the extraction and distribution of energy has been uninstalled.

Considering this history, SHI

  1. Encourages mankind to immediately reduce dependence on hydrocarbon-based energy and gradually switch to renewable energy (renewable) to achieve zero carbon new community
  2. Encourage the benefits of control over sources of hydrocarbon-based energy today is used to finance the discovery, exploration and development of renewable energy technologies
  3. Encourages the use of renewable energy with a minimum charge
  4. Encourages the development and utilization of renewable energy in order to do as much as possible to respect the environmentally sustainable life
  5. Rejects all forms of new colonization in the exploration and development of renewable energy sources
  6. Promotes the principle of decentralization in the management of renewable energy
  7. Encourages the use of renewable energy research and equitable
  8. Rejects nuclear energy as an answer to the needs of the clean energy
  9. Rejects conversion remaining forests into monoculture agrofuels supplier land
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