Get out of nuclear

The old nuclear bomb nuclear power plants
Nuclear radiation leaks near the teojilji ring is a risk due to frequent nuclear power plant accidents and accident cover ups.  The earthquake hazard in this area is equivalent to Fukushima nuclear power plant area. Korea Greens are therefore promoting an "old nuclear power plant closure" legislation.

We will track the radioactive food 
Korea Greens will track food imports and distribution channels, such as Japan and the public fisheries. We will strengthen the food radioactivity standards and measurements in real time to the public. Instead of the fights within traditional political bowl, we will fight in order to protect the real bowl. 

Society without nuclear weapons is possible 
The Korea Greens are committeed to disposing of all nuclear power plants by 2022. Inspired by the performance of the German Green Party, we realized the enucleated cooperation in Northeast Asia, including China, to build dozens of nuclear power plants in promoting the enucleated scenario "2030 enucleated Energy Conversion Basic Law," and Greens. 

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