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Taiwan Green Party 2016 Elections: Q&A with Ken-cheng Lee, former Party Co-Chair

In 2012 the Greens received nearly 230,000 votes (1.74%), and this year the Green Party and the Social Democratic Union coalition received 308,000 votes (2.53%). Although there is growth, we were still unable to cross the party vote threshold of 3.5% and the non-constituency (list) threshold of 5%. Pre-election polls had indicated that we could break through, but in the end there was a significant gap between our expectations and the election results. Taiwan's presidential elections this year led to a shift in power from the formerly ruling Kuomingtang party (KMT or Nationalist) to the Democratic People’s Movement (DPP), and the third time in which Taiwan experienced a change in the government party since the end of martial law in 1987. This is an important achievement for a country with a relatively recent transition to democracy. The election outcome is a result of the many social conflicts experienced in Taiwan during the time in which the KMT have been in power, from 2008 to 2016, resulting in clashes between civil society movements and the KMT. Despite the DPP actually contributing little to civil society movements in recent years, the DPP gained the most politically.

Nick McKim Wishes Korea Green Party Election Success!

작년 한국을 방문했던 호주 녹색당의 닉 맥김 상원의원이, 
녹색당이 최초로 결성되었던 호주의 태즈매니아에서 응원 메시지를 전합니다. 
더불어 '설악산 케이블카 반대'를 외치며 이를 위해 싸우고 있는 이들에게 용기의 메시지를 전합니다.

GG Ambassador Wishes Korea Green Party Election Success

녹색당의 국제연대 조직인 '글로벌 그린즈'의 대사 크리스틴 밀이 
2016년 총선을 앞둔 한국의 녹색당을 응원하며 메시지를 보내왔습니다.

Global Greens solidarity with Korea Green Party for 2016 elections

녹색당의 세계 네트워크인 '글로벌 그린즈'에서 2016년 총선을 향한 녹색당의 행보에 응원의 메시지를 보내왔습니다.

2012 Election Platform of Civil Will Green Party

ИЗНН-ын “АМЬДРАЛ” Мөрийн хөтөлбөр нь “хөгжлийн төөрөгдөлд” орсон Монгол улсыг экологийн чиг баримжаатай нийгэм-эдийн засгийн тогтвортой хөгжлийн замд хөтлөж, Монгол хүн Монголдоо сайхан амьдрах боломжийг бүрдүүлнэ.







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