台灣綠黨與全球 91 個綠黨廢核立場和行動始終如一,我們主張立即廢除核四,核一、二、三廠 提前徐役,倡議降低用電需求成長、發展長期綠色能源的能源政策

市政層級上,積極鼓勵市民與企業使用再生能源、降低夏季用電高峰與市區溫度、加強推廣非 核與永續價值等環境教育,並積極檢視核災的應 變措施與相關疏散計劃。


台灣目前各地議會的資訊公開、透明化程度不 一,民意代表當選後難以監督,部分地區不僅會議記錄沒有公開上網,甚至議員的出缺席狀況也難以調閱。綠黨主張開放市議會,推動議會透明化、定期與選民報告相關政策,鼓勵公民與綠黨一起,監督國會的同時,更要看緊議會。

綠黨主張多席次的地方選舉應改為「兩票制」, 一半席次由政黨票產生,鼓勵分裂投票,改變綁椿、派系與金權政治的選舉生態,讓小黨有機會在議會代表多元社會的聲音。只有打破二大黨壟斷,才能真正發揮市政監督的功能。



Citizens occupying politics: Green Party Taiwan takes root in 2014, and turns Taiwan around in 2016

Green Party Taiwan is an open platform for civil society, and welcomes all who share in a Green political philosophy, values and goals. This is our time to turn Taiwan around!


Most Indonesian Legislative Candidates Ignore Environmental Issues

Nurfika Osman, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | National | Fri, March 07 2014, 10:09 AM

Environmental damage and deforestation will continue to blight the country as policymakers are blind to — and refrain from including — environmental pledges in their political agendas, a survey said.


Indonesia's Election and Environmental Political Agenda

By: Khalisah Khalid, WALHI

Although not expected, the result has indeed been predictable. Out of the total House of Representatives candidates, less than 7 percent have the required capacity, leadership, commitment, and integrity on environmental and human rights issues.


Youth in Politics - Way Ahead

From being perceived as irresponsible and reckless to being called the strength of the nation, the youth of Nepal have come a very long way. To change the system, you have to be in the system. An unanswered question for the past few years is still a million dollar question to be answered. Some serious steps should be taken to bring youth out on the floor of mainstream politics. For now, one can only hope that during the next elections, more youth will vote, more will got elected and less will say, “How does it even matter? It’s not going to make a difference to me.” Because it does, it really does matter.

Australia Election Study Tour

During the 2013 Australian Federal elections, the Australian Greens held an electoral study tour program for Greens from the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation to participate in the Australian Greens’ election campaign and voting system in Perth and Sydney. Study tour participants included Bernadette Rounds Ganilau from Fiji, Rior Santos from the Philippines, Dorothy Tekwie from Papua New Guinea, Henry Zimbo from the Solomon Islands, Liaquat Ali Sheikh from Pakistan and Keli Yen from Taiwan. My study tour was hosted by the Greens in Perth.

UKPP starts preparation for Assembly polls

Dehradun, 13 February 2012, Tribune News Network
The Uttarakhand Parivarthan Party (UPP) has started its preparation for the Assembly election of 2012 by giving directions to strengthen the party at the district and village levels, and also prepare a list of possible candidates. It was also decided to emerge as the third front with the help of like-minded political parties if needed against the BJP and the Congress.



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