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Ballav Timalsina

Ballav TimalsinaGlobal Greens Coordination Member for the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF)

Ballav is a green activist in Nepal. Although this issue has been given less priority in most of the developing countries, Ballav and his team are advocating for a greener and safe planet as part of their political activities. They believe in peace and non-violence, they believe in gender equality. His party believes in the necessity for responsible government.

Ballav has been a member of his party Nepali Greens since 2007 and has also been a team member of Asia Pacific Green Federation (APGF) since 2012. Nepali Greens is a youth-led emerging party in Nepal. Ballav and his team have been working in Nepal since 2005 with different campaigns such as the campaigns to save the One Horned Rhino, Cycle City 2020, 100 Rupees Campaigns where they have invested most of the time and invested money. Ballav is a joint secretary of his party Nepali Greens since 2012. He is passionate in development activities and specially wants to empower the rural communities. He is currently a job holder as a consultant for Credit Unions. 

Green Party Membership: Nepali Greens 

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