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Suresh Nautiyal

Suresh Nautiyal

Global Greens Coordination Member for the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF)

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Suresh Nautiyal, basically, is a perpetual struggler in search of peace, perfection and participatory democracy in an ecological manner and in all spheres of human and non-human life. Politically Green, he is a human and animal rights defender. Besides, he occasionally ventures into poetry, drama and script writing; documentary film-making; book editing and publishing, etc.

Socio-political aspect:

Suresh is currently the National Convenor of India Greens.  Suresh previously served as the Vice-President of the Uttarakhand Parivartan Party or UKPP, India. Suresh has served as a Member of the Global Greens Coordination committee since May 2010.  Besides, he is a Board Member of Democracy International, which is based in Cologne, Germany; Suresh serves on the boards of few other international organisations as well.

At the national level in India, Suresh is Chairperson of Think Democracy, an organisation dedicated to participatory democracy, and Co-Convener of Green Forum India, an upcoming organisation dedicated to the Green philosophy and work. He is associated with several democracy, human rights and ecological campaigns locally, nationally, regionally and internationally.

Journalistic and civil society aspect:

In the past, Suresh has worked for the official DD TV News and the All India Radio News for a long time; he was Special Correspondent with The Observer of Business and Politics English daily newspaper and Senior Sub-editor with the United News of India. For a brief period, he was Media Adviser to the Government of India’s Labour Minister. He also worked as Editorial Coordinator with the SADED (South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy) programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi and was National Coordinator and Editor of the Citizens’ Global Platform India, a chapter of the worldwide Citizens’ Global Platform, supported by the Finnish ministry of foreign affairs/United Nations. For a brief period, he also functioned as Coordinating Director of the Side Events of the Helsinki Process on Democratisation and Ecology in India. Lately, he was a Senior Director with a human rights organisation (HRLN) and Senior Associate Editor of a bimonthly magazine on human rights, Combat Law; and CEO and Executive Editor of the Uttarakhand Fighters, an encyclopedia on Uttarakhand, etc.

Literary aspect:

Suresh has been composing poetry in Hindi and English for last several years – more than 45 years. His poems have been published in the prestigious Sahitya Akademi journal, Indian Literature, and in two anthologies published in USA. Some of his poems have been translated into Finnish language and published in Finland. In fact, he has written more than a thousand poems and at least 12 plays in Hindi, English and his mother tongue Garhwali. He has edited more than 70 books and other publications. Prominent among them are a 350-page volume, Uttarakhand: A Study, Assessment & Proposal (In Geographical, Economical & Administrative Context),” on the Uttarakhand Movement and a 310-page volume on housing rights and state of evictions in India-- “Eviction Watch-II.” Besides, he has edited four volumes on the marginalised sections of society titled as “Unheard Voices of the Majority” series in English for CGP and an 450-plus-page important book like “Kaliyug: The Decline of Human Rights in India.”

Educational aspect:

Suresh Nautiyal has a Master Degree in Human Rights from the Pondicherry University, Pondicerry, India; and Master Degree in Media & Communication from the GJ University, Hisar, India. He did Parliamentary Fellowship from the Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies (ICPS), New Delhi, India; and Honours Degree in English Literature from the University of Delhi, Delhi, India.

Visits abroad:

As part of participatory democracy and Green political work, Suresh has visited several countries several times on all the continents and participated in a number of international conferences/summits/workshops/study tours, etc. Some of the countries he has visited include: Finland, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Estonia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Senegal, Tunisia, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom.

*Profile of Suresh Nautiyal compiled by Anita Nautiyal, Women’s Representative on the APGF Council & Convener of the Women’s Organisation, UKPP.