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The Syrian government’s military action against the Syrian people continues to claim victims by the day in an effort to obstruct the public’s demands for political, economic and social change.  The Asia Pacific Greens Network (referred to here on as “APGN”) affirms its support for the Syrian people’s demands for democratic governance with the following declarations:   (1)   The principle of nonviolence is both superior and more effective as a means of revolutionary change. The APGN offers its... Read more
The APGN expresses its deepest condolences for the tragic loss of Wangari Maathai to our friends in the African Greens Federation, and to her family and friends and all who loved her. Wangari was an inspiration to us all, a shining light showing us all how being green means being a hummingbird: just doing the best we can (see video translation into English and Chinese below).We wholeheartedly endorse the sentiments expressed in the Global Greens statement below. She will be sadly missed at the... Read more
To: The Hon Martin Ferguson AM, Member of Parliamant for Resources and Energy, 159 High Street, Preston Vic 3072 14/07/2011Dear Sir,The calamity at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, following the tragic earthquake and tsunami on March 11, confirms 25 years after Chernobyl that claims of safe nuclear power are false.Three reactors and several spent fuel pools at Fukushima Daiichi are still releasing large amounts of radioactive materials. There is no end in sight. Seabed, air and soil... Read more
After the Tsunami
We, the Global Greens, representing more than 80 Green parties around the world, express our solidarity with the Japanese people at this tragic time.  We send deep condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the victims of this terrible tragedy.Global Greens call on governments and civil society organisations in our respective countries to express their solidarity not only in words but also through practical help.  The scale of the disaster is horrendous, with thousands of people... Read more
On the afternoon of March 11, 2011 a major earthquake occurred in North-East Japan, destroying and severely damaging many cities and towns on the Pacific Coast.Currently more than several tens of thousands of people are dead or unaccounted for.This catastrophe caused a cut off-off of cooling water into several reactors of nuclear power plants located in Fukushima. As a result of reduced water, the nuclear reactors may face a melt-down. If this occurs, it could be the worst case of nuclear... Read more
We, Chinese Greens & Chinese Young Greens, also endorse the Gaza Statement by Global Greens and Asia Pacific Greens against the insulting to Human Rights and humanitarian aids! Dong Li, Co-Chairman of Chinese Greens Jingyi Yang, Co-Chairwoman of Chinese Greens Ouyang, Chair of Chinese Young Greens Xiaodong Liu, Secretary General of CGP Xiaoguang Lv, Deputy Secretary of CGP Zhonghe Meng, CGP Delegate in APGN Ruihua (Sunflower) Lee, Director of Dpt. for Female and Children Rights Yang Yu,... Read more
The Mongolian Green Party joins the Statement of GGC condemning the attack on the convoy taking humanitarian aid to Gaza. The Mongolian Greens emphasize the urgent importance of on independent international investigation into this tradegy in order to determine the appropriateness of the force used and to call for accountability of any action. Read more
We, Korea Greens, also confirm to sign on the statement condemning the attack on the humanitarian aids convoy to GAZA. Inwhan JUNG, representing the KOREA GREENS 7 June, 2010.   Read more
Vandana Shiva是印度籍生態女性主義者,物理學家及作家。1993年另類諾貝爾獎(the "Right Livelihood Award", or the "Alternative Nobel Award")得主, 是全球化國際論壇的領導者之一、也是國際知名環境運動者。 Shiva女士在印度主持Navdanya基金會,基金會擁有自己的種子銀行與有機農場,正是為了研究對大自然最具包容力、不破壞生物多樣性、可以保護土地和小農的農耕方式而誕生。他們的生物多樣性保存計畫旨在支持地方上的農夫,拯救那些被迫面對絕種命運的作物和植物,並且讓他們可以透過直接行銷的方式被購買。 其著作《大地,非石油──氣候危機時代下的環境正義》及《生物剽竊──自然及知識的掠奪》中文版於2009年由綠色陣線協會在台灣翻譯出版。 APGN2010受邀講者Vandana Shiva博士於哥本哈根發言 from greenparty taiwan on Vimeo.英國衛報(the Guardian) 於2009哥本哈根會議專訪Vandana Shiva博士.... Read more