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Structures to improve Gender Equity

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Structures and rules within Green parties improve how women can participate and hold leadership positions in the party. The structures can be in the Constitution, Rules, Bylaws, or operational policies of the Party so that all the members know what they must do to help improve Gender Equity.

It is our goal that every APGF member Party will have provisions in its Rules or Bylaws for the participation, decision making, and leadership of women in the Party and as candidates.  This includes systems for the recruitment and training of women in all areas of the party process and political process and training for all party members on bullying, discrimination, and harassment, including sexual harassment.  These tools will make a real difference to women in the party.

Here are some examples where Green parties have structures to help women participate more fully.

Adopt a statement on Gender Equity in the founding documents

The Greens Japan Constitution says:

"Gender equality
Building harmonious society needs many components and women's rights are the one. We must free ourselves from gender-centric absolutism. In the gender-equal society, everyone is granted their own style."

Establish a Women’s group within the party

The UKPP Constitution says:

"12. Office-bearers: Office-bearers will be elected/ selected/ nominated at various levels to run the Party’s affairs in tune with its principles and ideals. While adhering to the principles equality at social, economic, political and cultural levels, and appropriate representation will be given to deprived classes, women, minorities and the youth. For aforementioned categories, special cells will be established and these categories will be given sue representation in the Party organisation. For women, initially the representation will be 33 per cent, which will rise to 50 per cent later. For all other categories, representation will be maintained as per the provisions of the Constitution of India."

 Quotas for women to hold leadership positions

The New Zealand Green Party Constitution:

"GPANZ Consitution
9.2 The Executive shall consist of:
9.2.1  Two Party Convenors (one male, one female); two Policy Co-Convenors (one male, one female); and two Leaders (one male, one female) elected by General Meeting;"

Quotas for women as electoral candidates




Transparent recruitment and selection processes in the party

GPANZ Constitution
"Representatives to Executive committees
7.7 Provinces containing a population equivalent to less than twelve electorates shall be entitled to appoint one member to the Executive and two members to the Policy Committee. Provinces containing a population equivalent to twelve or more electorates shall be entitled to appoint two members to the Executive and four members to the Policy Committee. Where Provinces appoint two or four members, it will be expected that there will be 50% male and 50% female members who are appointed to the relevant committee."

Equitable recruitment in candidate and executive nomination committees

Western Australia Greens Constitution

“35.2 Membership of the Administration Working Group shall consist of at least five and no more than nine Members being: 

  • a) the Co-Conveners or the Convenor; 
  • b) the Secretary; 
  • c) the Membership Officer (ex officio); 
  • d) the Treasurer; and 
  • e) up to four other Members selected and appointed by Representatives Council. Equality of gender will be an objective”

Equitable seat/electorate allocation for political candidacy

Rules for the proportion of the female delegates who attend party conferences

GPANZ Standing orders
" There will be a strong emphasis on gender balance in the selection of delegates. See rule 8.8(e) of the Green Party Constitution."


 Rules to encourage equal participation at party meetings. (PDF) 

Australian Greens Constitution

11. Non-discrimination 

11.1 The Greens are committed to women, men and those with other gender identities having equal status within society and will practice gender equity and equal opportunity, including where appropriate affirmative action. 

11.2 At no time will any member be discriminated against within The Greens due to gender, age, race, ethnicity, class, religion, disability, sexuality, marital status, or membership of a minority group.


Sexual harassment and bullying complaint processes

Australian Greens

"Every employee, member, volunteer and supporter of the Greens has a right to participate in Greens spaces and events without being subjected to any form of sexual harassment, intimidation or assault."

Stop Harrasment

Reporting on organisational culture and monitoring of these rules

It is important the parties continually monitor and update their processes and policies on Gender Equity and Women's issues. A monitoring system should be agreed by the party executive and understood by party members