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Youth Self-employment Campaign in Nepal

In the absence of strong employment mechanism, Nepalese youths are under the state of limbo regarding the job opportunities whereabouts and whatabouts. Neither the government has a concrete plan & policy to stave off the challenges in coming days, as a result, about 1.5 thousand youths are flying abroad in search of job everyday. In this context, a group of youth has started “Youth Self-employment Campaign” to make young people skilful and Self-employed through Agricultural entrepreneurship. MJ Jha, National Coordinator of the campaign shares his experience with “Agro-Times” correspondent. Excerpts:

Nepali Greens' Climate Discourse Sessions

In support the Global Greens Climate Campaign, Nepali Greens is launching “Climate Discourse Session” with young farmers once in a month to have an interaction on climate change, its consequences on agriculture and ways to cope with the impacts of climate change.

Farmers are vulnerable to climate change. That's why, we focus on building the knowledge and capacity of young farmers so that they can cope with the impact of climate change.


Safe Meals from Radioactivity Campaign

After the Fukushima crisis in Japan, radioactive-contaminated water effluence and contamination problems have influenced on Korea, especially resulting in hard conditions of guaranteeing safe meals. To secure safe meals for children and youths, who are more vulnerable to radioactivity, the Green Party has campaigned for promoting each region to enact regional ordinance for getting rid of radioactive-contaminated foods from school meals.


Nepali Greens launch a youth self-employment campaign

For the past one and half decade the most challenging problems for Nepal is youth unemployment. Youth, make up 42 percent of total population, and 38.8 percent of them are unemployed.

Nepali Greens' Agriculture Assembly.

Nepali Greens has organized Agriculture Assembly, coinciding with the first day of the first meeting of Constituent Assembly. On January 22, Nepali Greens held the first meeting of the agriculture assembly with the participation of farmers of Pida VDC, Dhading District. 




Youth Agro-entrepreneurship in Nepal

B K Dalit, Chief Founder/President of Nepali Greens spoke at an UN event on youth and land issues. The event was held in the building of
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands, Hegue from 6th November to 15th November. He was invited to attend the event and speak on youth, agriculture and land issues of Nepal organized jointly by the United Nations Human Settlement Program, Global Land Tool Network and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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