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Marche de solidarité des Tibétains de Suisse à l’occasion de l’Examen périodique universel des Droits de l’Homme pour la Chine

Campagne de la communauté tibétaine en Suisse et au Liechtenstein
Marche de solidarité des Tibétains de Suisse à l’occasion de l’Examen périodique universel des Droits de l’Homme pour la Chine
Intervention de Jean Rossiaud, Délégué des Verts suisses au Parti Vert européen et aux Global Greens
le 22 octobre 2013, Place des Nations / Genève



China’s shift from coal demands a shift in Australian investment

China is shifting rapidly away from coal towards renewable energy, making Australia’s investment in coal export infrastructure a multi-billion dollar mistake and posing high risk to shareholders,” Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

Islands belong to sea, not people

By Pan Han-shen 潘翰聲, Green Party Taiwan, published and translated by the Taipei Times on September 10, 2012




China factory construction halted amid violent protests

People in China have been increasingly vocal about issues that affect their health and environment, says the BBC's Martin Patience, in Beijing. Previous high-profile incidents last year included the forced closure of a chemical plant in Dalian city after a mass protest over pollution. Protests against a solar factory also took place in Zhejiang province.


藏族环保人士嘎玛桑珠,被法院裁定「盗窃文物」罪名成立,重判有期徒刑15年,他已即时在庭上表示上诉。嘎玛桑珠的妻子及代表律师批评该案是大陆司 法的耻辱,一定要抗争到底。另外,被警方以诈骗罪羁押逾半年的四川维权人士刘正有,周四与代表律师会面,为下月六日案件开审作好准备,律师要求控方证人出 庭接受质询。(冯日遥报道)

西藏环保人士-嘎玛桑珠,因维权,被当局控 "盗墓罪" 受审。(照片由他妻子珍嘎措提供)

嘎 玛桑珠一案周二在新疆焉耆法院开审,前后经过30多个小时庭审,法院于周四晚上7时许作出罪成的裁决,重判有期徒刑15年。他的代表律师浦志强接受本台记 者访问时指,嘎玛桑珠已即时在庭上表示上诉,浦志强指该案整个审讯程序违法,存在严重做假,该案令大陆司法蒙耻。

他说:他已即时表示要上 诉,我认为这不是法律下的结果,这是令大陆法律蒙上耻辱的一个判决,个中太多违法,违反司法程序的地方,他被定罪背后反映有人故意做假,我会为他上诉到 底。


Tibetan environmentalist says Chinese jailers tortured him

Award-winning conservationist and philanthropist Karma Samdrup tells court of beatings during interrogation.


Mongolian Green Movement Statement: "We are very proud of Dr.Norman"

Dear Greens Dear Dr. Norman from NZ Greens, Dear Senator Bob Brown, Dear APGN-Greens!

We, the Mongolian Green movement, are very shocked by seeing of all this pictures! 

We are 100% agree with Senator Brown and want to express our opinion the same way: "Wellington is not Lhasa!". 

I got a very similar feeling here in Mongolia because of China's state policy, especially because of the Mining industry.  Now we, Mongolians, can't feel really as a independent state. All the corruptions, secret trading network of toxic chemicals... 


Nature Conservation Party, Nepal Statement: Condemns Chinese security treatment of NZ Greens Leader Russel Norman.

The Nature Conservation Party, Nepal strongly condemns the inhuman behavior of the Chinese security people on NZ Greens Leader Russel Norman. This incident indicates that democracy is under attack and risk too. This type of anti-democratic behavior is not acceptable anywhere in the world.

The time has come to unite all the green parties all over the world to strongly raise a voice.

If we collectively do not speak on this case, more and more greens like Russel Norman will be the victims of the anti-human and anti-democratic people like Chinese security people in the future.


Chinese government urged to release Tibetan environmental activists

Human Rights Watch has called for Karma Sandrup, Rinchen Samdrup and Jigme Namgyal to be released

 Jonathan Watts, Asia environment correspondent,, Friday 11 June 2010 12.45 BST 



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