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Reactions to New Zealand's Climate Protection Package

We all know now we must undergo economic transformation. The Greens are going to lead in that endeavour.

The climate week that was

By Russel Norman

This was the week we put climate change back on the political agenda.

It seems people were waiting for it.


Defining the Election Issue: National and Green climate policy

by Kennedy Graham

At its AGM last weekend, the Green Climate Protection Package was rolled out.

-    It contains the over-riding goal of net carbon-neutral economy by 2050, with a National Carbon Budget comprising a series of five-yearly budget components to get to that goal.

-    There will be an independent Climate Commission to advise the Government on both budget and policy.


NZ Green Party launches major climate protection plan

The Green Party has today announced a suite of major election policies to transition New Zealand to carbon neutrality by 2050, including a charge on carbon that will be returned to all households as a Climate Tax Cut on the first $2000 of income, leaving Kiwi families better off.

The components of the Green Party climate protection plan are:

  1. A goal of net carbon neutrality by 2050


New Zealand Greens' Climate Protection Plan

The Green Party has a win-win plan to protect our climate, achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and leave Kiwi families better off.  

Under our Climate Protection Plan, the Green Party will:  

  • Establish an independent Climate Commission to provide expert and independent advice to the government on carbon prices, carbon budgets, and complementary measures to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050


Russel Norman at the 2014 NZ Greens AGM - the climate protection plan

Tēnā koutou Tēnā koutou Tēnā koutou katoa.

Thank you very much Jeanette for that introduction and thank you, all of you, for the very warm welcome.


Report predicts 250 percent jump in climate-related deaths

A new report predicting a 250 percent jump in heat-related deaths shows National must take the threat of climate change more seriously, the Green Party said today.

The increased death rate from hot weather is in research published today in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The elderly are thought to be most at risk.


Climate policy vs. Princess and the Pea – better to stick with the story-books

by Kennedy Graham

As we all now know, we are running out of time to prevent dangerous climate change.  Twenty-one years after Earth Summit and the UN Framework Convention, we are still to strike a global agreement that will bind all countries to curb and then reduce emissions to stay under the 2°C threshold.



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