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Making it human – Warsaw, typhoons, Yeb Saño, and us

By: MP Kennedy Graham

Intriguing bunch, humans.  A rare mix, as far as exo-planetary knowledge allows, of rationality and emotion.

We emerge from the savannah and establish civilization through reason and logic. We reach for the moon with technology and the scientific method.  Yet we nourish our families and glue our societies with emotion and love.  Emotion drives us, reason steers us.  We move in the right direction when the two are in sync.


Australian Greens on Indonesian suspension of cooperation

The Australian Greens are deeply concerned about implications of the diplomatic crisis that continues with Indonesia.

"I am deeply disappointed and alarmed at the rate of deterioration in the relationship between Indonesia and Australia," Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"Australia and Indonesia should be building and deepening our friendship but instead Tony Abbott has allowed his cheap domestic politics of 'stop the boats' to undermine the long-term interest of the nation.


Searching for a consensus on climate change: seeking a genuine dialogue with National

by Kennedy Graham

Part 1: 

Friday, 7 June, is the day I am convening the Conference on Climate Change in the NZ Parliament.  It is being held in the Legislative Council Chamber – the elegant upper chamber that has been mostly empty since the Upper House was abolished in 1951.  It is the second conference of the kind – the first having focused on a sustainable economy, in November 2010.

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