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Taiwan proposes new energy & emissions taxes

The Cabinet’s Tax Reform Committee yesterday reached a consensus to introduce an incremental levy on gasoline, diesel, gas and other energy sources, as well as on greenhouse gas emissions, but remained undecided over proposed pollution taxes. 
The reforms, seeking to enhance energy conservation and rein in the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions, will head next to the Cabinet and legislature and, if agreed, are expected to take effect in 2011. 


Why The Rush for Nuclear Power?

The Kalikasan Institute raises concerns why there is a rush by proponents of H.B. 4631 seeking the recommissioning of the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).

The Philippines is endowed with sufficient renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal that if sufficiently developed as intended by the recently passed Renewable Energy Law will be more than enough to meet our energy needs in the next few decades.



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