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Former Green MP Holly Walker on life in Parliament as a mother, and a woman

When I was an MP, I used to tell people that I went into politics to use my voice. Yet at the end of three years in Parliament, I had lost my voice completely. Former New Zealand Green MP Holly Walker advocates for Members of Parliament to be able to combine parenting with politics.

Gender equality and empowering women in the digital age

The European Commission has made the digital single market agenda one of its major priorities for the coming years. Many webpages have been filled, position papers written and press statements made about the enormous potential a digital single market holds for European citizens:  economic growth, innovation and competitiveness, free flow of online goods, just to name a few of the recurring buzzwords connected to the digital market strategy.


第三屆亞太綠人大會 議決通過多元性別權益決議文

第三屆亞太綠人大會(2015 APGF 3rd Congress - Wellington, New Zealand)於今年6月12至14日在紐西蘭舉行,長期推動多元成家法案的台灣伴侶權益推動聯盟許秀雯律師偕同台灣綠黨出席此會。由許秀雯律師草擬的一項多元性別權益保障決議文,在代表團的努力下,獲得來自十多個亞太國家的綠黨無異議通過。此決議文為亞太綠人大會第一次通過有關多元性別的決議文,成功促成多元性別的跨國結盟。

決議文草擬者許秀雯欣見此進展,並分享此行與多國綠黨國會議員會談的心得。她表示澳洲國會議員Janet Rice在聽到台灣民調有半數以上支持同性婚姻,但兩大黨卻欠缺堅定的政治意志推動婚姻平權法案後,深有同感地表示澳洲面臨很相像的狀況。但澳洲保守黨的總理Tony Abbott日前已經鬆口表示,可以開放黨員良心投票,婚姻平權已露出曙光。面對台灣局勢,Janet Rice認為將多元性別的議題放上政治議程是重要的,支持者若能凝聚政治實力,成功的腳步應該可以快點到來。


365 days for women, not just one day: UKPP, India

The Uttarakhand Parivartan Party (UKPP) believes that the women are as integral and as important as the men are to a society as all humans are equal and no human is superior or inferior to other human. At the same time, UKPP is aware of the social, economic and political realities across the globe and knows fully well that in several societies, including the Indian society, women still are not treated on equal footing.

New Zealand Legalises Same-Sex marriage

History was made in New Zealand last night as the Marriage Equality Bill passed its final reading through the house of parliament.

This resulted in same sex marriage now becoming legal in New Zealand. New Zealand is the 13th country internationally to legalise same-sex marriage, and the first in the Asia Pacific region.

This is something New Zealand Green MP Kevin Hague has been working hard advocating for a very long time, and the entire Green caucus (14 Members of Parliament) voted in favour, and gave heartfelt speeches supporting equal love.


SHI statement at Global Greens 3rd Congress 2012

Good morning my Greens colleagues, ladies and gentlemen.

It has been a great privilege for me to be with you here in the land of Africa.

Listening to your speech and sharing, such as from Dorothy Tekwie of Papua New Guinea and Ma of Nigeria, being women leaders in male-dominated environment, very much remind me of our struggle in Indonesia. We have come along way to assert equality.




2010 / 04 / 20


最近上海世界博覽會的新聞很多,台灣也摩拳擦掌,聚集一流的建築師,打造精心設計的台灣館,冀望在百花齊放的各國展館之中別具一格,以獲取世界的目光。國 際活動總是這樣的吧!希望場面盛大、亮眼奪目,表現出強盛的一面。

這當然是好事,不過,我最近卻一直在思考,在這樣的場合,能否表現出不同的特質,比方說,溫柔的一面?因此,想透過台灣綠黨主辦的亞太綠人大會,透過活動 主辦的場地與空間,盡可能地做出跟一般國際會議不同的樣貌。


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