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Global Greens meet in Bolivia to find Green solutions to global problems

The annual meeting of the Global Greens Coordination (GGC) takes place this week in La Paz, Bolivia, between November 24th and 27th, 2013 and is followed by the Federation of Greens of the Americas (FPVA) congress from November 27th to 29th, 2013. The GGC is the coordinating body of the Global Green movement and comprise more than 80 Green parties worldwide. Specific areas where we will seek to deepen our agreements and intensify our work during these meetings include the following

Metiria Turei on Te Urewera-Tūhoe Bill

Just a few weeks ago it was the anniversary of the Tūhoe raids, which was just the most recent example of where the Crown went into Tūhoe territory, used the full force of the State against whānau, kuia, kaumātua, and tamariki, and used yet again the same justifications that have been used for 150 years for the exercise and abuse of that power. May Tūhoe not have to wait a century for an apology for that process—for that colonial invasion of Tūhoe lands.


找回家的路,對一個都市原住民來說,需要極大的勇氣和極長的時間,還不見得能達成。我叫Yagu Yuraw,擁有一個原住民的名字,是我回家的第一步。 (原文) 





Global Indigenous Greens Network


That the Global Greens support cooperation with the Indigenous Community and the creation of a committee of three to five representatives coming from Asia, Europe, America and Africa, in order to establish a Global Indigenous Greens Network.


Taiwanese groups to urge indigenous network at Senegal congress

The Taiwan Green Party and indigenous groups propose the establishment of an indigenous network at an upcoming congress in the African country of Senegal with the aim of uniting global support for indigenous people on environmental issues.

2012 ELECTIONS: Aborigines demand that their voice is heard at next presidential debate

Upset that Aboriginal rights advocacy groups and Aboriginal issues have been ignored during the presidential and vice presidential candidate debates, Aboriginal groups yesterday urged the organizers of tomorrow’s presidential debate to allow them to raise questions during the proceedings.

Aboriginal rights advocates as well as Aboriginal celebrities — including Amis singer Panai Kusul and Tsou singer-actress Paicu Yatauyungana — who is better known by her Chinese name Kao Hui-chun (高慧君) — made the request during a news conference in Taipei.


Radiation may have leaked, study shows

A study shows that a nuclear waste storage site on Orchid Island may have leaked, although Taipower said that the levels did not exceed legal standardsBy Lee I-chia  /  Staff Reporter Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Tien Chiu-chin, right, listens at a press conference as a representative from an environmental group speaks about concerns over radiation from nuclear waste on Orchid Island.Photo: George Tsorng, Taipei Times

Tests have revealed signs of a possible leakage of radioactive materials from an interim nuclear waste repository on Orchid Island (蘭嶼), legislators and environmenta


Time for Australia to cut lifeline of Burma's oppressive regime


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Time for Australia to cut lifeline of Burma's oppressive regime


Greens Senator Scott Ludlam is calling on the Australian Government to work with other governments to establish a UN commission of inquiry to investigate crimes against humanity and war crimes being committed in Burma.


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