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GG Congress Celebrated in Hindi


More than a hundred villagers protesting peacefully are injured by police assault in India & South Korea

Greetings from the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)!

I am writing to you to share our appeal for police attack on tribes protesting against POSCO (multinational Korean steel company) steel plant project which will clean forest and their land where thousands of tribes have been living in generations. 





當今反全球化運動旗手范達娜.席娃(Vandana Shiva)來台灣了。這位另類諾貝爾獎得主、享譽國際的環境運動者及生態女性主義物理學家在台灣旋風式停留36小時, 一襲印度傳統紗麗,以她鏗鏘有力的演說留給聽眾們深刻印象。她同時也聲援了在亞太綠人大會會場擺攤的搶救白海豚行動、收下反中科農民贈送的稻穀,她說,她不需要是台灣人就能感受。對於血汗堆積出來的高科技產業,席娃直接下了一句評語:「高科技?那叫粗糙科技!」


Greens from Asia Pacific region meet in Taipei

The Asia Pacific Greens Network Congress took place in Taipei from Friday through Sunday. It brought together members of Green parties and environmental activists from many countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region and also from Europe. I attended the conference on Saturday. 


Taiwan's Gay (LGBT) Rights Law

Same-sex marriage is not permitted in Taiwan, nor does Taiwan have cohabitation law in place. Homosexual couples are not entitled to the many legal rights heterosexual couples have. 


In Pursuit of Fair Share of Responsibilities while Tackling Climate Change -- 2010 2nd Conference of the Asia-Pacific Greens Network (APGN) Is About to Kickoff

The first ever large scale international conference “2nd APGN” is to be held between April 30th and May 2nd at the Tianmu Convention Center. Environmentalists and domestic and foreign NGOs are among the invited participants. “Fair Share” is the main theme of the conference; while stressing equal access to public resources, each individual at the same time, is responsible for living a sustainable lifestyle. Highlight of the conference agenda includes reviewing the post-Copenhagen coping strategies of all nations.


2nd APGN Congress adopted resolution on Tibetan waters

Dharamshala: The second Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network was held in Taipei from 30th April - 2nd May 2010.

The current APGN members as approved by the panel consist of full members (Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, India and Philippines), Associate members (Nepal, French Polynesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka) and friends of APGN (PNG, Chinese Expatriates, Hong Kong, Indonesia). 


All is not well: climate negotiations in a new avatar

Climate change negotiations—cold after the freeze at Copenhagen—have warmed up again. In early April, negotiators met in Bonn, Germany, on the possible agreement that could be signed at the meet scheduled in December 2010 in Mexico. This was followed by a US-convened meet of the Major Economies Forum, better named the major emitters forum, in Washington. Next weekend, the group calling itself basic—China, Brazil, South Africa and India—is meeting in Cape Town to come up with its common position on negotiations.


[媒體報導] 環 境前線:奪回權力:探索人民的氣候變遷對策

「全民做環保,落實地球日精神!」、「十大無悔措施」、「一人一日減碳一公斤之生活減碳運動」……台灣政府總無視於台灣排碳量有53%來自工業生產、石油 出口量比總交通用油量還高出40%的結構性問題,努力將氣候變遷議題,歸因個人生活。然而何謂真正以民為主的氣候變遷政策,則可由4月下旬於玻利維亞舉行 的世界人民氣候變化與地球母親權利會議(World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth),以及台灣舉辦的亞太綠人會議,提供探索的脈絡。


世界人民氣候變化與地球母親權利會議的舉辦緣由,是因玻利維亞原住民籍總統莫拉萊斯(Evo Morales)以及諸多非政府組織,對去年底哥本哈根會議的程序與結論的不滿,故於極富象徵意義、曾成功對抗水資源私有化的柯加邦巴省舉辦。3天的大會 中,探討的議題廣至經濟結構轉移、與自然和諧共處、原住民權利等,亦細至針對碳市場的闕漏、技術轉移、行動策略等。最後大會的宣言中,提出了以下幾個重 點:



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