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Safe Meals from Radioactivity Campaign

After the Fukushima crisis in Japan, radioactive-contaminated water effluence and contamination problems have influenced on Korea, especially resulting in hard conditions of guaranteeing safe meals. To secure safe meals for children and youths, who are more vulnerable to radioactivity, the Green Party has campaigned for promoting each region to enact regional ordinance for getting rid of radioactive-contaminated foods from school meals.


Taiwan nuclear protesters visit Australia

In Taiwan on April 27 more than one hundred NGOs acted in unison and held the second anti-nuclear rally of this year. Anti-nuclear activists came together holding all-night sit-ins, staging mass rallies, and fighting riot police and water cannon on the street. Their immediate goal was to demand that the government halt the construction of the accident-ridden Lungmen nuclear plant. In the long term the goal is to close down the nuclear power industry in Taiwan.


PM of Japan during Fukushima nuclear meltdown: Lessons Learned

Wednesday 27th August / posted by Elizabeth PO’ Adrian Glamorgan


It’s three years since Fukushima blew up and melted down. The prime minister of Japan in those days chose a hard path, a leader’s path, to save a third of his country from further devastation, choosing to fly directly to the disastrous nuclear power plant.


2014 No Nukes Asia Forum

September 26~29, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan


To oppose the expansion of nuclear power and the proliferation of nuclear weapons in Asia, anti-nuclear activists of Asian counties came together at Tokyo, Japan to hold the first” No Nukes Asia Forum (NNAF).


Taiwan's Anti-Nuclear movement

Learn about the Anti-nuclear movement as it unfolds in Taiwan by following the "National Nuclear Abolition Action Platform (NNAAP)"

An introduction of Taiwan's ant-nuclear movement is attached for your reference.


Taiwan-Australia anti-nuclear learning journey

Shi Ting and Hui-Min Liu from the Taiwanese Greens Citizens Action Alliance have just completed a field trip to Australia to learn about Australian environmental groups’ anti-nuclear campaigning, and the connection between anti-uranium mining, waste and power in Australia and the decision-making process related to energy and nuclear-related policies.


Hiroshima Day 2014

Shane is a Greens member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and Minister in the Labor-Greens coalition government:

Hiroshima Day


Global Greens remember Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

On April 26th across Europe and the world, activists and citizens alike are remembering the explosion and fire at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, in Ukraine on April 26th 1986.

Three years on from Fukushima: the Green Party joins British and Japanese campaigners to oppose nuclear power

14 March 2014

THE Green Party of England and Wales will join British and Japanese anti-nuclear campaigners tomorrow to commemorate the third anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. Full details below.

The demonstration, organised by CND, Kick Nuclear and Jan UK, will coincide with events taking place around the world to highlight the legacy of the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and to call for an end to nuclear power.

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, said:


Remember Fukushima: Sayonara Nukes

OTTAWA – Protesters in Tokyo have been demanding that the doomed nuclear reactors in Fukushima remain shut down in anticipation of today’s third anniversary of the disaster.  Carrying placards saying “Sayonara nukes,” they express a sentiment held by Greens around the world.



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