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Megalomaniac nuclear power plans in India

While Germany phases out its atomic energy production following the Fukushima accident and the expansion of nuclear power in Europe is mostly slowed down or even put to a halt, the Indian government plans to increase the country´s nuclear power production capacity by a factor of 100. By 2050, the then most populous country in the world could be dotted with of the capacity to produce 470 GW of nuclear energy, according to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The installed capacity in India would in this scenario be higher than today´s production capacity of all nuclear power plants worldwide combined. French energy company AREVA and other nuclear power providers are keen to make use of this new opportunity to sell their technology.

Call for Dialogue on Korean Peninsula Peace

Call for dialogue among countries participating in the escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula.

The Green Parties of South Korea, Taiwan and Japan call for unconditional dialogue among countries responsable for the escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula, in recognition that war has devastating impacts for all earthly inhabitants, and that nonviolence and sustainability are core values for both Greens and peace-loving nations alike.


Fukushima two years on - APGN Statement

The global impact of the Fukushima disaster highlights the responsibility of all nations to ensure the safety of citizens and protect our planet for future generations. We are all implicated in the nuclear supply chain, whether that be through uranium mining, refining, power generation, radioactive waste, nuclear weapons, or through complicity by not discouraging the practice of our trading partners.

311滿兩周年 福島核廠除役須40年


311二週年 亞太綠黨聯合宣言:不要再有下一個福島

本報2013年3月11日台北訊,賴品瑀報導 (原報連接

「No more Fukushima!」「No more Orchid Island!」福島核災在今日屆滿兩週年,包括全台22萬人上街遊行,全球各地都在上週末串連反核的各項行動。亞太各國的綠黨聯合發出聲明「後福島:邁向綠色經濟之路」,指出對抗核能,應從經濟和生活轉型到綠色永續之路。其中日本、蒙古代表運用網路,與台灣、蘭嶼代表跨國連線召開記者會,疾呼不要下一個福島,也不要下一個蘭嶼。


JAPAN QUAKE REMEMBERED: Asia-Pacific green parties call for safe energy

Taipei, March 11 (CNA) Green parties in the Asia-Pacific region on Monday, the second anniversary of a massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, issued a joint call for governments of the region to scrap nuclear power and develop green economies.

"The Greens call for learning from Fukushima and using this critical time to finally switch to a safe and affordable supply of electricity -- renewable energy," the parties said in a statement issued Monday.









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