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核二若重啟 台灣將不保

劉黎兒, 蘋果日報



Environmental Protest Becomes Rallying Point in Malaysia

By LIZ GOOCH, New York Times

KUALA LUMPUR — When a planned 24-hour environmental protest gets under way this Saturday on the outskirts of the coastal Malaysian town of Kuantan, the roll call will include speakers from across the country.


Nuclear vs Renewable Debate - Newsnight featuring Caroline Lucas

Excellent debate among UK politicians on energy, with particular focus on nuclear energy.




台電分割 才是根本之道




Hundreds of Events Globally Will Mark One-Year Commemoration of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Beyond Nuclear spokespeople available for comment

TAKOMA PARK, Md. - March 8 -  Hundreds of thousands of people across the world will be involved in actions around the March 11 commemoration of the Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster which began on that date a year ago. Events will be going on throughout the month of March and into April.


Thousands march against nuclear power

GO ZERO::Activists, non-governmental organizations and people from across the nation took to the streets of Taipei yesterday to urge a rethink of nuclear energyBy Lee I-chia  /  Staff ReporterMon, Mar 12, 2012 - Page 1

Thousands of opponents of nuclear energy from across the nation paraded in the streets of Taipei yesterday to mark the first anniversary of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which crippled the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.


Nuclear Accidents from the 1940s to Fukushima

Today we mark the First Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the loss, grief and suffering endured by the people of Japan.

The meltdowns at Fukushima have sharpened the debate over the future of nuclear energy in Australia and elsewhere. 

If a disaster that has created 160,000 radiation refugees and made 3% of Japan uninhabitable was not enough to end the debate, what kind of disaster will it take?  That's up to us. 

Download the new edition of Let the Facts Speak and join the campaign to end the nuclear age.


A Call for Help from the Indigenous People of Orchid Island (Taiwan)


Taiwan's nuclear waste is building up and there is no solution to the waste problem. Recently, an increased amount of radiation has been detected on Orchid Island, which is likely from the radioactive material leaking into the environment from the nuclear waste stored there. Taipower is now targeting Nantian Village in southern Taitung (just to the north of Pingtung county) for a new long-term storage site in the traditional lands of another indigenous group, the Paiwan.



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