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Green Party Korea statement on the Cross-strait Service Trade Agreement

Undemocratic and unfair Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement must be scrapped.
- Green Party Korea opposes a free trade agreement that accelerates the exploitation of workers and further widens the gap between the rich and poor. Green Party Korea endorses Green Party Taiwan’s position and supports Taiwanese citizens’ opposition to the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement.

Green Party Taiwan Statement on the Occupy Taiwan Legislature Movement

The Sunflower Student Movement (太陽花學運), also known as the March 18 Student Movement (318學運) or Occupy Taiwan Legislature (佔領國會事件), is a protest movement that began on March 18, 2014, in the Legislative Yuan and continues to spread with the support of tens of thousands of people from around the country joining the demonstrators.


The Philippine Green Party's Village Eco-Governance Development Framework

Social Change is about electing leaders and developing and implementing an alternative system to improve people's experiences and to realise their aspirations through society.  The Philippine Green Party (Partido Kalikasan) is learning from lessons from own past and from experiences of others living in similar geographical and political settings.




Protests in Ukraine and Venezuela

The European Greens on the situation in Ukraine


Evaluation Results of the VEGDF Testing Period

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Green Village Ecological base Governance Development Framework KABALANGAY, INC. (Green Village/VEGDF)                         

Greens PH/Partido KalikasanFebruary 1, 2014               

Nepali Greens' Agriculture Assembly.

Nepali Greens has organized Agriculture Assembly, coinciding with the first day of the first meeting of Constituent Assembly. On January 22, Nepali Greens held the first meeting of the agriculture assembly with the participation of farmers of Pida VDC, Dhading District. 



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