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Nuclear Energy is Not The Way

PARTIDO KALIKASAN would like to convey our deepest condolences and sympathy to all the victims of the recent natural disaster in Japan. The meltdown of Fukushima nuclear power plant north of Tokyo on the other hand is far from completely being a natural disaster. This is bad human judgment to opt for nuclear energy despite all its inherent dangers. The current disaster has raised serious threat not only to Japanese citizens but also to humanity.


Indonesia Green Union (SHI): Peat program


Central Kalimantan Peatland Charter

Peatland Chapter 

Peat Resources Is Our Life Blood and Breath

Today is Saturday the 4th of December 2010, we gathered from various corners of the villages are located in Central Kalimantan peatland areas in the People's Meeting agenda to declare CHARTER OF PEAT Central Kalimantan, where the peat resource is our blood and breath.


Incident outside Parliament – Russel Norman’s statement

This morning the Leader of the New Zealand Greens, Russel Norman was assaulted by Chinese security personnel travelling with  Chinese Vice-President  Xi Jinping .



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