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Farmers stand up for rights and sustainability

In the last few months, however, the 400 or so families of Wanbao have felt that their land and way of life are no longer secure, as they were surprised to learn that their farmlands have been included in a development plan aimed to boost local employment.


(Declaration of the Global Green Coordination) Colombian Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus' presidential election campaign

May 20, 2010

The Global Green Coordination representing more than 80 green parties from around the world, greets the surging campaign

 for the upcoming presidential elections being conducted by the Colombian Green Party and its candidate Antanas Mockus. The spectacular support they are receiving opens a completely new and promising perspective for this country, delivering hope 



Colombia set to elect the world's first Green leader

A former philosopher with some unusual policy ideas looks certain to take the country's presidency

By Esmé McAvoy.  Original Link:



潘翰聲(綠黨 共同召集人) 



Britain on verge of electing first Green MP

Bookies name Green Party leader Caroline Lucas as favourite for Brighton and Pavilion seat. 

James Murray, BusinessGreen, 06 May 2010 

Voters go to the polls across the country today with the overall result remaining on a knife edge, and the bookies indicating that Britain is on the verge of electing its first Green MP. 

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas has been campaigning hard in Brighton and Pavilion and while there is no recent polling data available, the bookies have her as 8-11 favourite to take the seat.


Cargill's Problem With Palm Oil

Report by Rainforest Action Network: Cargill's Problem With Palm Oil

The report can be downloaded from
(Note: The file takes some time to download)

Executive Summary


GM Food: Angel or Devil?

ISIS Press Release 04/05/10

Author: Yimin Publisher: Renmin University Press (May 2010)
Language: Chinese 165 pages

Foreword By Dr. Mae-Wan Ho


Leaked Danish post-mortem of Copenhagen fiasco

Published in SUNS #6918 dated 5 May 2010

Geneva, 4 May (Meena Raman) -- The Danish media have last week made
public a confidential memorandum from the Danish Prime Minister's
office dated 6 January 2010 entitled "COP15: analysis, perspective and
strategy", which provided the Danish perspective on the Copenhagen
Conference and the events leading up to the production of the
controversial Copenhagen Accord.


Von der Irrelevanz zum Machtanspruch (German news about APGN 2010)

Klaus Bardenhagen has informed us that his article about the APGN 2010 was published in the German daily newspaper "taz" yesterday. Click below to read the article.

ASIENS GRÜNE PARTEIEN Auf einem Treffen beraten sie, wie sie als Parteien Erfolg haben und der Gefahr der Korrumpierung entgehen können oder ob die Zukunft nicht doch eher außerhalb der Parlamente liegt




2010 / 04 / 20


最近上海世界博覽會的新聞很多,台灣也摩拳擦掌,聚集一流的建築師,打造精心設計的台灣館,冀望在百花齊放的各國展館之中別具一格,以獲取世界的目光。國 際活動總是這樣的吧!希望場面盛大、亮眼奪目,表現出強盛的一面。

這當然是好事,不過,我最近卻一直在思考,在這樣的場合,能否表現出不同的特質,比方說,溫柔的一面?因此,想透過台灣綠黨主辦的亞太綠人大會,透過活動 主辦的場地與空間,盡可能地做出跟一般國際會議不同的樣貌。




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