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Global Indigenous Greens Network

Green Federations / National Parties: 


That the Global Greens support cooperation with the Indigenous Community and the creation of a committee of three to five representatives coming from Asia, Europe, America and Africa, in order to establish a Global Indigenous Greens Network.




1. 向前屆亞太綠人聯盟會員小組及全球綠人協調代表致謝 亞太綠人會員小組委員:

  • Miriam Solomon女士、
  • Moena Thibral Heiura 女士、
  • Olzod Bum-Yalagch先生 、
  • Inwhan Jung先生 、
  • Suresh Nautiyal先生 、
  • Liaquat Ali Shaikh 先生 


  • Margaret Blakers女士 、
  • Satoko Watanabe女士 、
  • Solomone Fifita 女士


2nd APGN Congress adopted resolution on Tibetan waters

Dharamshala: The second Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network was held in Taipei from 30th April - 2nd May 2010.

The current APGN members as approved by the panel consist of full members (Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, India and Philippines), Associate members (Nepal, French Polynesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka) and friends of APGN (PNG, Chinese Expatriates, Hong Kong, Indonesia). 


Nuclear Power Not Answer to Climate Crisis (Global Greens 2nd Congress 2008 Resolution)

Green Federations / National Parties: 
Nuclear Power Not Answer to Climate Crisis - Global Greens Second Congress 2008 Resolution
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