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Women and Politics in Indonesia

Presented in Greens WA Conference, 28 September 2014
by: Khalisah Khalid
WALHI – Indonesian for the Environment Forum
Member of SHI - Indonesian Green Union
Founder of Indonesian Green Party

Green political participation survey for Women


To all female Greens:

The office of the Leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland and a Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, Stormont - Mr. Steven Agnew - is conducting a research of barriers to women’s participation in politics and potential solutions for adoption by the Green Party in Northern Ireland.  

Papua New Guinea Needs Women MPs

From Australian Green MP Penny Wright's blog.

I recently spent four fascinating days in Papua New Guinea, helping to get more women into parliament in the upcoming elections.

When my PNG Greens colleague, the indomitable Dorothy Tekwie, called for support for her bid to be elected in her home electorate of Vanimo Green province, and to promote the election of women candidates throughout her country, WA Greens Senator Rachel Siewert and I were a ready volunteers.


Women in democracy

Catherine Greze speaks about women in democracy during the Global Greens Congress in Dakar, March 2012.

(Video made by Greens-EFA)


Vote hailed as milestone for women in PNG

WOMEN danced, wept and embraced outside the Papua New Guinea Parliament yesterday as years of campaigning culminated in a watershed vote to allow 22 reserved seats for women in the almost exclusively male chamber, where just one of 109 seats is presently held by a female.

With time running out before the 2012 general election, expectation and anxiety were high among supporters of the bill, with women loudly admonishing MPs from the packed public gallery when the debate was delayed on Tuesday.


Travel grants for women delegates from the Asia-Pacific Greens Network to attend the Global Greens Congress in Senegal in 2012!

The Australian Greens are offering travel grants for women delegates from the Asia-Pacific Greens Network to attend the Global Greens Congress in Dakar, Senegal, western Africa from 29th March to 1st April 2012.

The Congress is an important way for Greens parties to meet, share knowledge and formulate joint activities and policies.  For more information about past congresses and for plans for the 2012 Congress please go to http://www.globalgreens.org/ 


婦女與氣候變遷論壇 Women and Climate Change Forum

氣候變遷與全球暖化所造成的環境及社會經濟問題,已是全人類所必須嚴正面對的挑戰。自1994年國際人口發展會議(International Conference on Population and Development)、2002年世界永續發展高峰會(World Summit on Sustainable Development)、到2005年的世界高峰會(World Summit)上,女性都被認為是促進永續發展的要角,而 2008年聯合國婦女地位委員會召開的第52屆大會中,更將「氣候變遷的性別觀點」列為年度新興議題,在在都突顯出女性在氣候變遷時代不容忽視的角色。



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